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Scam contentsFalse advertising,
I paid for a bag and received a completely different item which is a fake. I tried to contact them but there seems to be no valid email or phone number.
Comment / ReviewThis is a blatant and ridiculous scam. Showing items for sale and shipping completely different things to other no way to contact them. It cost me US$45. Also, the items they are shipping are fake.

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    • Elisa 09/21/2023 at 09:56 AM

      I am currently in a dispute with them over an item not delivered. They initially offered a 30% refund, which I rejected, today they countered with 45%. I have just declined. How can they be made responsible??

    • Dee 09/26/2023 at 11:46 AM

      I am just now finding out that they are a scam........I should of known better. Im out about 50.00 which I would be fine with as long as my information is still safe at this point who knows. Very frustrating. I wonder if using ApplePay would be the most safe at this point.

    • L 10/06/2023 at 03:43 PM

      Never received my package and never got a full refund.
      I went back and forth on what I should receive as a refund and got them up to 60% back on my purchase. Total waste of time and money .

    • Kelly 10/11/2023 at 12:19 AM

      I fell for it too - showed up on Instagram as "Saks Fifth Ave" I paid $45 for a bag, received a completely different item than I ordered. I went back and forth with them so many times they offered up to 95% refund. I still said no and am fighting it with AMEX that I charged it too. Lesson learned.

    • Mo 10/23/2023 at 05:01 PM

      I also got scammed. I fell for an add on FB claiming to be SKIMS. My items never arrived even though they said it was delivered. My banking information was also compromised after placing an order. I have disputed charges with my bank.

    • Purchaser 10/27/2023 at 09:19 AM

      Saw an ad on Instagram for SKIMS and paid $45, never received any order. They have no contact number/website. The courier service stated the items "were shipped" from China. How can they be stopped from doing this again?

    • Bee 11/30/2023 at 12:17 PM

      Here is the email I have been dealing with

      I also got scammed. I received and item worth about $2.00 and paid $54.95. They started out offering me 20% and over many days of offering in increments of 10% the last offer was 85%. I have contacted my credit card company they have returned money but are still investigating. Hopefully I get full refund. Good luck everyone on getting a refund. I think we all need the luck.

    • Report #728484 01/09/2024 at 12:50 AM

      Fake crocs that they never sent. Gave fake shipping tracking, can’t find the site, saw it on instagram
      They scammed me on instagram, thankfully it wasn’t anything over $20

      Pseudonym : Crocs

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