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PseudonymTravis Johnson
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Scam contentsFalse promises
Doesn't deliver what it promises
No refunds even if the product is faulty
True contents of website hidden behind a paywall
No "app" is a web based "app"
Deceitful marketing
Comment / ReviewThere is no app it is a web app, this company is a scam hiding behind a paywall I am awaiting a response on a full refund 24 hours after joining (but so far their policy is no refunds but you don't find that out until later) they don't deliver on their promise of tailored plans, pronunciation or anything, its a complete garbage "app" used to defraud people out of their money with no hopes of getting it back, its a useless interface that is clearly in the testing stages if anything but I am convinced it is nothing but a cash grab; their marketing is smart and alluring while their so called product "the tutor" is just a basic beta chatgpt, they offered me a 30% refund after only 24 hours, what do they need the other 70% of my money for? The "app" is totally unusable, this company stinks of fraudulent and misleading ads and promises, they can't even get Italian vs Spanish right, "try us today with no way for a refund and no way to opt out of auto renewal or delete your account without contacting us and IF we decide to get back to you" is their motto, I want my money back or at least to warn others about this false and misleading company.

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