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Comment / ReviewThis individual, Tamie M Joyce, may not "intend" to run a scam operation. You can easily access her site, Tamie M Coaching. However, I paid $3500 for her program a little over a month ago. I've paid for many similarly prices and similarly structured programs online and none are scams. However, in a recent email exchange with this individual, she threatened to: "remove me from her program entirely without warning or refund". I don't think she can do that when I've paid and not been warned of anything. The following day, after leaving her alone, I discovered she did exactly as she'd threatened to do. I noticed she removed all program contents I'd paid for, from her site. There was no explanation nor refund. I think this constitutes a scam and is illegal. Other consumers need to be warned of this.

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      • J.S. 08/07/2023 at 01:31 PM

        Here's an update: Since "I've reported her to Consumer Protection, Federal Trade Commission, Better Business Bureau, and my own credit card company, Chase Bank, she's responded to BBB, telling them I'm evil, do not deserve the "privilege" of being in her program and do not deserve a refund a month after paying and starting the program. ANd so, I assumed, the only way to recover it is to take the matter to court. Yet, low and behold, about a week ago (late July) I discovered that Chase Bank has offered me a permanent credit for the money I paid that she's refused to refund, stating they have "decided in my favor". Thank God for that!

      • Tamie M Joye 09/11/2023 at 12:49 PM

        How unfortunate that you feel the need to lie, distort, and ommit in order to make your point, Jen.

        The word "evil" was never used, and you were told that you "lost the privilege" of being in the program due to your inappropriate and highly disruptive attitudes and behavior. Given the disppraportionate amount of time, energy, and attention that my team and I spent managing you, we felt strongly that you were not entitled to a refund. I hope you find the help that you need.

      • J.S. 09/11/2023 at 03:49 PM

        Hmmmm. And just how am I lying, distorting and omitting? I did not "quote" you using the word evil. Is that really the point? You've alleged I've taken up a "disproportionate" amount of your about a month? If you believe that, then why did you avail yourself all that time to respond to my emails? You clearly were not looking to brush your hands of me. You were threatened by me. Otherwise you would not have behaved as you did, with the lengthy, insulting email responses, your hateful, immature rant to the B.B.B. about me. Nor would you have refused to refund the payment I was due after you willfully terminated the service I paid you for. It doesn't take a shrink to figure that out. Why am I such a threat to you? All I did was explain how I feel I have successfully shut down a "gaslight" attempt. I specifically told you exactly where I found that in "The Freedom Class". As for "your team", who, exactly, is "your team"? During the month I participated in your program, I never had any contact with anyone except yourself. If there are other individuals affiliated with your business, they've never met nor heard of me. So your allegation that "my team" or "we" felt anything regarding this is false. As for the refund, do you understand anything about business? Or the law? If you (or ANYONE) deny service to someone who has paid you $3500 less than a month ago, you owe them a refund. Apparently, your own bank concurs with that! They refunded me against your wishes. And it's... Read more

      • Elizabeth 10/27/2023 at 05:59 PM

        I don't know either of you personally and only started following Tamie recently but this review is very telling. Jen you absolutely quoted Tamie as saying you were evil. Just because you do not use quotation marks does not justify you did not mean to quote. It came off as a quote and you know it. You said she told BBB you were evil. That's a quote.

        I'm not going to go over every passive aggressive comment and lies you made in your initial review and follow up. You are coming off as an entitled trouble maker who may have been reimbursed by the bank but does not make you the superior winner in this case. In fact I can see why Tamie removed you from the group. I believe her when she stated in her response you "lost the privilege of being in the program due to your inappropriate and highly disruptive attitudes and behavior." You behavior in the group needed to be managed for heavens sake. I can only imagine how energy-sucking you were to the group and to Tamie. What you have attempted to do here in your review and follow up to Tamis response, is a complete fail. Tamie did the right thing and I support her decision to remove you.

        Again, I have never met you Jen or Tamie. I've never once corresponded with Tamie or have joined her classes. I only started watching her excellent videos recently and have the utmost appreciation and respect for ALL she does to bring awareness and help women understand narcissistic abuse.

      • J.S. 04/23/2024 at 03:29 PM

        Kind of odd, just yesterday another individual posted her experience with Tamie's abusive, unethical and unprofessional business practices. This person really does exist. She forwarded her email exchange with Tamie, to me. And she wondered the same thing as I: Does this "Elizabeth-person" exist, who's never heard of either one of us yet validates tamie and assumes things about me? I have informed the woman that her comment has been removed. She has the right to post. Especially when she's a real live human being who actually dealt with Tamie and is not making it up.

      • Cynthia 04/23/2024 at 05:30 PM

        Well it looks as if someone removed my comments regarding my opinion on Jen's scamwatcher review.
        I also wrote a review of Tamie M Joyce's "life-coaching" services.
        Apart from my review - I believe everything that Jen says above is true. I believe that Tamie only cares about money and if she does anything unethical (and you ask for a refund) it is my opinion she will gaslight you, hoping that you are not well enough to realize she's gaslighting you. It's my opinion - having been a previous "client" that she will never give you a refund and her "classes" are also sub par to anything else I've ever participated in - just my experience after 3 of Tamie's "online classes." My opinion.
        Just an opinion by somebody who lost $4,000.00 from Ms. Joyce.
        I believe If you do not want to be scammed with gaslighting, lies and BS - stay away from Tamie and (my opinion) her snake-oil sales skills and don't lose your hard-earned money.
        She preys on wounded people. My opinion.
        If you read the above review by Jen - who's contract was broken by Tamie then Jen was refused a refund - finally Chase got involved and refunded back Jen's money - and boy, did that make Ms Joyce angry. If you notice - a charactor named "elizabeth" joined the conversation after Jen's refund was resolved by Chase Bank.
        (my opinion) Regarding "Elizabeth" (commenting on Jen's review above) and her comments regarding Tamie and Jen -- 2 people she doesn't know and seems to have no... Read more

      • J.S. 04/23/2024 at 06:26 PM

        Hey, Cynthia...I did find your post, from yesterday, on another place....and I cut and pasted my response to that....Again, my bank was able to get me the refund from her against her wishes. It was a couple short months of my life a year ago, when I trusted and respected this woman. And I felt betrayed to find out what kind of a human being she really is. All those brilliant insights she has about narcissism on her You Tube videos were spot on. Yet she does and is all of those exact same things herself! Yes! Life goes on for both of us. But I still have concerns about how masterfully she fools, plays and manipulates people to this day.

      • Cynthia 04/24/2024 at 01:28 PM

        Yep. Unfortunately, my opinion, she preys on the wounded and vulnerable, without a wit of insight to how damaging the experience with her can be. If I can warn one person that your $4,000.00 would be better spent on professional l (my opinion) legitimate local (one on one) counseling by a experienced counselor, or a vacation, you would be spending your money in a way that would definitely benefit you more. I am doing excellent now because I took my own advice. Tamie was the worst person for me to have met at that particular time of my life and, believe me, when I say run do not walk away from this self-aggrandized "life coach."

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