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Scam contentsInvestment scam, using a fake coin (BWU)
Comment / ReviewI’ve found someone I matched with on Tinder, and we ended up talking on whatsapp. She opened up about crypto and that we ended up trading. Initially we started low on the hundreds and made a little “profit”. Eventually she pursuaded me to make deposites of up to thousands. Right there she started to say she wants to help me out by making a “deposite” and that we would split up the profits by half. Eventually we started with 5000 USDT togetger and then we ended up with 11000 USDT. I was suppose to make a withdrawal but I was told that my account violated one of their make up rules since another person made a deposite on my account. I asked them about their terms and conditions, however they can’t provide me a link to it. Then I was told that I would need to make a deposite of the same amount that my “girlfriend” made to my account so that I can “unlock” and withdraw our profit. Me panicking I went ahead and deposited the 2500 USDT and eventually was told that I would need to make another account since my old one was “frozen” and they would transfer all the funds to the new one I made. Transfer was done I had the money back but for me to withdraw all of it I would need to trade the volume, me not knowing anything about making a trade I had to ask my “girlfriend” who guided me eventually ending up with 21000 USDT “profit” now I was going to make a withdrawal however I was told I would need to pay for taxes to the IMF so 20% of thr 21000 is needed for me to get everything back. At this point already since I’ve lost a lot already and had questions of my own if its even real, made me end up here on this website.

  • Making you believe you lose profit and made profit at the same time
  • After making the withdrawal you’ll need to contact their “customer service”
  • Ended up talking with the customer service on the site to contact a person on whatsapp for help
  • After I was told my old account was frozen and deposited to a new account and have them “transfer” from old to new
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