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Scam contentsSwipe your way to a better sex life.
TitsTok brings a completely fresh take on the same old hookup sites you’ve used in the past. Like and comment on the content you love from the hottest women looking for a good time or follow them to have the opportunity to privately message them and really get to know them. All these women are sexy as hell and love the thought of turning you on with the x-rated content they post. Not only are they hot but they also love having fun and are looking to have you join them.
Welcome to TitsTok, your new favorite place on the internet.
Comment / ReviewExplicit content is the highlight of their landing page and immediately the dating/social aspect of this website just plummets to the ground and if you're one of the people looking for a one nihght stand you might be tempted still to actually give this website a go but here's why you should NOT :
They guarantee that the services that they're offering is 100% free of charge but the moment you try to proceed with creating an account you'll be presented with a prompt asking for your credit card information and age verification and here you might say that they will not actually charge the card but oh yes they will.
It is stated in their terms and conditions that they do charge subsciption, they'll begin charging you for this after two days of you signing up, they won't refund any of it in case you need a refund as they stated that they operate a "no refunds" policy and all sales are final.
Finally, they admit to having fake profiles on their service.
This line was taken from their terms and conditions :
"You understand, acknowledge, and agree that some of the user profiles posted on this Site may be fictitious."
Now i don't know how many of those are there to begin with, the point here is, this is a subscription scam.
Not a place for you to look for people to actually chat and talk to, but if you're looking for pricey entertainment by all means go for it, then again there was nothing mentioned about cancellations or how can you even go about cancelling a subscription with them.

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