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Scam contentsFake dating site. Operators appear as potential love interests. No one on site will ever agree to meet. Their only purpose is to get you to buy more highly overpriced credits.
Comment / ReviewEven though i knew it was a scam site i was still taken in by the fake profiles and the promises the scumbag operators tell you.
This is one of the lowest peices of crap i have ever encountered.
The owners and employees of this business are the most worthless useless excuses for humans that can be found

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    • Mj75 09/04/2023 at 08:47 AM

      All dating sites are scams, your inbox fills as soon as you sign up, even before you can do your profile... as soon as you pay the monthly subscription plan, all of a sudden all those 'women' messaging you just disappear. For the rest of the month, you get not 1 message or response, as soon as your subscription ends, magically you start getting messages again until you pay them POOF, gone again. Most sites won't even let you see the messages until you pay, then BOOM, they're gone. People on TV commercials saying they met their spouse on a dating site are complete liars!!! DATING SITES AREN'T REAL PEOPLE, THEY'RE ALL FAKES AND SCAMS!!!!!!!!

    • Jack 09/06/2023 at 04:29 AM

      I tried a few sites. Kept getting scammers. So I tried EHarmony. I thought this is a legitimate site. I may not find someone who I match with, but I won't get another scammer. The very first woman I talked to was fake. I'm not looking anymore.

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