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Scam contentsPut funds into ICO for NGS from my Binance account .all the NGS tokens now sold so frozen.
I have been to to release funds need to do the following:
Dear fellow investors

Recently, we have received many enquiries from investors about tax payments from Ginkgo, so we will now provide a consolidated response here.

With regard to capital gains tax, this is collected by Ginkgo on behalf of the relevant tax authorities and will then be centrally handed over to the tax authorities. Once the tax has been paid, the tax authority will issue a tax certificate and submit it to the NGS official for listing approval.

Once the listing approval process is approved, NGS officials will unblock the accounts of investors who have paid their taxes in full and will issue certificates of funds to banks so that all profits earned by investors can be transferred to their bank accounts in a compliant manner.

Therefore, investors should complete the payment of the relevant tax as soon as possible within the tax deadline to ensure that NGS can successfully pass the review and complete the listing, and release the NGS
Comment / ReviewI have put in over £70k and every time you reached a certain Piont they would add free tokens.
So I moved money from my bank account into Binance then withdrew it to Ginkgo.

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