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Scam contentsUsed to be Bit-Swap, then trade-xcrypto and now
Comment / ReviewFAKE FAKE FAKE, I almost fell for it. Withdraw is not possible if you deposit 0.03 BTC to "verify" your other wallet!

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    • Camilo086 01/26/2023 at 02:48 PM

      They are scammers, and also they are using a Telegram channel, to get more people scammed by that fraudulent site,, they are "coordinating", crypto pump and dump, to maximize your "profits", because they are telling the people that the pump only "works" in that exchange l.

      • Fred v 02/05/2023 at 04:20 PM

        i don’t the telegram group had anything to do with it.. But did you try to deposit 0.3 eth? Otherwise you can’t be sure if it’s a scam. I’ve seen pictures of people did a withdraw on it. But i’m also in doubt. But i’m not sure it’s a scam. Did you try to deposit 0,3 eth?

    • Crypto Enthusiast 02/05/2023 at 10:57 PM

      I deposited the .3 and they need the 1.7eth for insurance and over 3 bitcoin you need to pay .3 for the premium membership before withdraw. So yes I paid the .3 but in doubt to give them another $2,000. If this is real I have over $6m in that account. And if someone can prove it they will be well taken care of. Good luck all

    • GaeThrv 03/10/2023 at 06:24 AM

      Unable to withdraw funds from the wallet, they charge fees and taxes, and after paying, they no longer respond and each withdrawal attempt fails, impossible to get help, they remain silent

    • GaeThrv 03/10/2023 at 06:31 AM

      I'm not going to let them go, we could hurt them by putting us all together, spreading the news everywhere, we are surely not the only ones to have this problem, and tried to bring these people here or on a telegram channel or twitter??

    • Anonimous74 03/11/2023 at 12:24 PM

      I also was a victim to this corrupt site - via Twitter and Telegram pump groups. I deposited a small amount and built it up but now can not withdraw either. They want $500 to verify a wallet. I am not depositing as I know I still will not be able to withdraw. Btc-Xtrade was formally Bitwallet and who knows how many others and is now They are running Whales Pump Signals on Telegram. Here is what I have figured so far - Cubic FX Token is also promoting pump buy ins and I have correlated it with the Whales Pump Signals - this is all a huge scam between multiple people or one person running multiple Twitter and Telegram accounts. Cubic FX Token is part of this Btc-xtrade scam as well that is taking money as investment for... Read more


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