Romance Scam Donald Scott, Hogan Phillips, Sanchez Phillips Diego

PseudonymDonald Scott, Hogan Phillips, Sanchez Phillips Diego
Url / Website
Scam contents"This" man approached me on Instagram his Story: military in Pakistan. He has 2 daughters and his wife and parents are deceased. His words: i am very sorry if i indouge in to your privacy, I was just trying to get intouch with a colleague of mine when I saw your beautiful profile picture
and i decided to say hello...
hope you are not angry about this ?
I lost my wife 4 years ago on her birthday, she got knocked down by a moving vehicle on her way back from the shopping mall on her birthday and I was lift with tow beautiful daughter.
Thanks but life has to move on with me since i have mourned her for 4 years now.
Now i have to look for a woman and move on a new life with her to love and care for my only daughters and i will love her to the end of my life.
Comment / ReviewHe forgot to tell me.. like on other pages on Instagram, twitter and fb that the real guy has a son to🙈 he steals his pictures and half a story.

It must be sad to be such a loser you can't be yourself on the internet! You need to get a life dude his real name possibly is Emanuel Edi.

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