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Telephone+1 424-688-0563 (ou 0014246880563) (more info)
Scam contentsCannot withdraw funds in the amount of $53,000
Under review and support emailed with this email, that says have a nice life at the end.
Dear User 1198969, Hello! After review by IBcoin Exchange, due to your first large withdrawal from your personal account, as well as your account security level is low, abnormal operation and other risk control monitoring, the Exchange requires you to complete the following three points within 7 business days to ensure your personal security account funds.
1. submit a selfie of your personal handheld ID
2. provide proof of deposit on the platform
3. and complete the payment of a withdrawal deposit of 20% of the total market value of your account to be deposited into your personal account assets (the withdrawal deposit paid belongs to you)
Upon completion, IBcoin will re-evaluate your account and complete the withdrawal request. Please be Advised and have a nice life!
Comment / ReviewGot that email from support when I tried to withdraw my funds after I made several trades that went against me that are actually a success.

  • It’s a scam
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