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Job Scam : +12679967991


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Telephone+1 267-996-7991 (ou 0012679967991) (more info)
Scam contentsThey had me work for them for a week. Then told me they will make 2 small deposits into my account then I had to report back to them so they could send me payment that I would have to then deposit into their account.
Comment / ReviewNext step is very important in the learning process. Before signing all final paper-work for the property most of the time we need to provide a deposit for it. In order to work with the seller, they require part of the future payment. You'll act like our Financial Agent. We'll work with this task on Monday.
Your actions - Our client wants to buy a house in Hollywood, and we provide it. We already have an option for him. Before the client fully concludes an agreement with us, we need to make a cash deposit on the corporate account to reserve the property. Our Financial Department will send you funds through external transfer. Then you'll deposit the money to Brokers account, and you will receive a 5% commission from this transaction. In the future, you will use the company's corporate account, we will give you an access at the end of the first month. You will use your account only during your training course. This is a very important stage of learning, since a real estate transaction is one of really important part. After the end of the transaction, you will fill out report form and send it to me. I will always be in touch with you and we will do everything step by step according to the instructions.

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  • +1 267-996-7991
CountryUnited States

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    • Omiguy 10/31/2022 at 04:01 PM

      What happened after they told you all of this?

    • James 11/04/2022 at 08:16 PM

      What happened? I’m so upset I suspected it. But didn’t know.

    • Bihyboss 11/09/2022 at 04:59 PM

      I been working with them for a week and I was told the samething. I lied and told them my account was locked and they told me to make a new bank account lol I told them I wasn’t doing that and I never heard of a realtor assistant do that. She read my message and never responded.

    • AmberBlack 11/09/2022 at 05:48 PM

      Same thing happened to me. They told me no worries about me not having a bank account and had me continue “training”. They took all of my info at the end of two weeks(ID, utility bill, social security) and on “pay day” they blocked me after I emailed that info and I never got paid. Im reporting them to BBB right after this.

    • Bee 11/22/2022 at 11:45 AM

      Hey hey hey! lol I am here to join the unintended FAMILY. Crap. I truly wish I would have done this phone number search a lot sooner and found this site and information. I finished my 'two-week training' Friday with this company.

      I actually completed the transaction though... I took one step further unfortunately, though, with that said, it is a strange predicament because I made $100 from the completed transaction, no money was taken from me... To continue on to what the 'training' steps were, I had to request an external transfer to my account, and then once the transfer cleared, I had to take the funds out, minus the 5% commission of $100 and deposit it into another bank account at Chase, which I have the info for and is registered to "Task Hustle LLC". I then had to delete the external bank account and cut up the bank receipt into 4 parts, though still legible... I did look up Task Hustle and apparently it is an active business in California; I also have the... Read more


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