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PseudonymMy Unique Store
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Scam contents1.) This shop claims to be located at “111 PULLEN RD, ROCKWALL, TX 75032, USA”. If you search for this exact address on Google, the first result will show a “street view” map of the area. If you open the map, you can see that this address is a ranch home — no shops or businesses to be found.

2.) This site was just created in November of 2021, and its registration is only valid for 1 year — this is usually indicative of a disposable website.
Comment / ReviewThis shop is a scam, avoid it. This shop only has a couple of months left (as of 09/16/22) before its registration ends. It will inevitably be abandoned so that the site owner(s) can move on to the next e-shop scam.

This shop also does not have a phone number.

Be cautious when shopping online. If you find a product and the website/store selling it is brand new and/or has zero online presence, stay away from it. Social media sites and search engines largely do not care about scams being advertised on their platforms, so try to always be skeptical of what you see.

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    • Hawkman 10/01/2022 at 04:24 PM

      I almost bought from them at a good price, but then they gave me a 75% discount. Red flags went up everywhere!!! I knew instantly this was not real.

    • Sand_Wolf 10/02/2022 at 11:03 PM

      I got scammed when ordered some rc airplane parts from and the support contact page provides you with this email address At the beginning they were very responsive but then after couple months instead of my parts I received a fake female necklace and haven't received any replies back since I contacted them. website looks very legit and prices similar to the real ones but DO NOT TRUST THEM damn SCAMMERS!!!

    • Ingrid Gowdy 10/24/2022 at 09:44 AM

      I am so glad for your reviews . I almost bought pool supplies at a very good price . That made me skeptical . Thank you for helping me avoid a costly mistake and from being made a fool of .

    • Maria 11/16/2022 at 03:30 PM

      I just bought a Cricut Mug Press from the above listed site. The price seemed unusually low but they used Paypal so I proceeded. After I placed the order, I decided to google "them" and discovered their history of suspected scam. Good to know as this was supposed to be a Christmas Gift.

    • Joe Bonanza 12/02/2022 at 07:52 PM

      Had to check as I seen they were trying to sell a massive husky toolbox worth well over $1000 for $55 plus $4.59 S+H LOL when it seems to good to be true, it probably is.


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