Romance Scam : General Richard D Clarke Jr


PseudonymGeneral Richard D Clarke Jr
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Scam contentsMilitary Romance Scam
Comment / ReviewClaims to be a General in the Army.

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    • Deagle 09/06/2022 at 12:50 AM

      I am being scammed by Richard D Clarke Jr. Right now. He even sent me photos of a cabin in Italy where we might live its been a couple weeks and suddenly he has important papers and gold bars he needs me to keep for him until he retires next month. But it will cost $3,000 yo have it all sent to me overseas. Hecant access

      His own money until he's back here, then he will pay

      Me back and set us up for our future.. hes made excuses to why he can't let me hear his voice or have a video call. Ive been fed stories similar to his before so I told him I know he's really in a group of Nigerians running this scam and that im aware rhat im probably on a list of women to try this with (even though I say no each time)and goodbye.

    • Love Angel 10/07/2022 at 08:23 PM

      this is not the only one.... there is one 4 Star General USMC Joseph F. Dunford, Jr. is another..... General US Army Paul LaCamera all doing the same thing.

    • Shannan 10/09/2022 at 09:25 PM

      This same person tried scamming me today on facebook. I reported it to facebook....but facebook will not take down his account.

    • COH 10/18/2022 at 12:06 PM

      He's also now on MEWE!

    • COH 10/18/2022 at 12:10 PM

      Of COURSE Facebook won't take him down! tHEY MAKE tons OF MONEY ON SCAM ACCOUNTS, BUT THEY BAN legit accounts. Before I was banned, I reported HUNDREDS of troll farm Macedonian FAKE profile spreading anti-Obama garbage in 2016. Most of them living in "California City". A DESERT town of a couple thousand people. The didnt remove a SINGLE ONE! But I got banned.

    • betty 10/20/2022 at 07:21 PM

      This person is trying to get me to talk to him. No way

    • mary 11/01/2022 at 02:51 PM

      /I am being scammed by someone pretending to be Gen. Ricard D. Clarke since
      9/26/22. He started out friend be as he had seen a remark I made about rolling my eyes. So did. I think it was about 3 1/2 weeks when hen asked me if iI could send him money to send his retirement papers to the Pentagon. .I even confronted him saying that you can not retire from a foreign soil. He ignored that. the fee for sending his papers and thing is now $5000. Kis ;ove post are hust about nil. I would really like to have him caught and others using Military Generals names to scam people. U answered his request be case the month before I had been chatting with someone claiming to be Gen. Janson Boyles from Jackson, Miss. That was my first experience with fraud friends In the 3rd. month he wanted to send me a check so it could be... Read more

    • Mell 11/04/2022 at 05:56 PM

      There are a few claiming to be Generals. Generals do not use social media.They always have access to their money and everything like medical bills etc are all paid for by the military.

    • Mell 11/09/2022 at 09:00 PM

      A fake Richard D Clarke messaged me earlier this evening telling me Not asking me to download Google chat even though I told him I do not use Emails for chatting and never will.

    • Keats 02/09/2023 at 05:58 AM

      Here's another - tried scamming my aunt; he got very angry when I called him out!

    • Sue 02/28/2023 at 12:17 PM

      Just blocked a friend request from a scammer posing as General Clarke. I became suspicious immediately due to someone I know being recently scammed. Also an obvious grammatical error in the bio which someone with his education and experience would not make.


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