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Scam contentsGet reach quick scam by investing in BItcoin
Comment / ReviewThe company is called Bitcin( They recruit people through a text message to join a trading group. They promise for a return of $500-$50,000 a day. I made a small investment of $100 at first and then followed by another $500 and it went all the way up to $7000. For the first day or two, I was able to withdraw a few hundred dollars. Later, I was recruited to invest base on one and one bases with an analyst that would guarantee my initial investment plus very high rate of return. I’ll except it as many other traders to invest without being said anything about the commission that was supposed to be paid directly to the analyst through an external e-wallet account.
So while I was in the trades with the analyst, he grow my account to almost $100,000 in less than 45 minutes. So, I was told to pay the analyst before I can touch the money in my trade account. Meanwhile, I wasn’t able to use the trading account money and I they forced me to tap in my external e-wallet with the Coinbase. Moving forward, I agreed to pay $11,370 from my own external account in exchange of having access to all my trading fund. After paying them, they came up with a lot of excuses, such as: the channel block is clogged and I need to wait for 24 hours.
A day after, when I attempted to make a withdrawal, they stop the payment since they asked me to pay them directly 18% of tax that is imposed by the IRS which was never ever disclosed at first. I refused to pay them another $18,000 on the tax since they never even had my Social Security number on a W-4 form with any exemption. That raise my eyebrow since they didn’t have any adequate information from me as a taxpayer. This company has no license with the SEC, FTB, or any authorities in the US. So, they’re refusing to pay me my initial invested money plus all the gains in the account. There is no one to talk to except talking to them over WhatsApp application. Basically, they stole my money and I don’t have any where to go to get my money back.

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