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Scam contents2 x collapsible wardrobes
Comment / ReviewLisa Murray - email sent to Liilianon:

Re: Notice of disputed charge to Account No. I request a full refund IMMEDIATELY

• I am writing to demand an IMMEDIATE REFUND of $57.45 to my credit card.
• You charged me for items I purchased that weren’t delivered.
• I ordered 2 collapsible wardrobes. I made this purchase on Monday, 11 April 2022 at 3:04 pm
• The order number is: Lillianion - ORDER 220411130128169
• You confirmed by purchase by email confirmation, from Lillianion

• On 11 May 2022, I received 2 paper, handheld fans.
• I emailed them immediately and requested my money back. I emailed your customer service email and your info email.
• I told you this was unacceptable and wanted an immediate refund.
• Your additional response ON 11 MAY is even more UNACCEPTABLE, and is below.
• If you have issues with your shipping company, that is your problem.
• I will not be waiting for a refund after returning the fans.
• As noted, I have reported you to various scam authorities and you are now being investigated.
• When I contacted you, you have requested the fans be returned before refunding the money. This is unacceptable and I request an immediate refund to my credit card.

• You will refund money immediately, and advise me when it is done.
• Rectify your actions and refund money immediately.
• I have reported you to various consumer investigation organisations and detailed your online shopping scam. These are also cc’d in this email.
• Below are details of my order history and your UNACCEPTABLE response.

• This is the email I received from this scam site after I complained:

Dear customer,
We are deeply sorry for this case. After we check over and over again, we are sorry to find that it is the shippers who mistook the batch of the products due to the hot sale reasons, so you have received the wrong item, we are really sorry and have a claim with the shippers.
In order to make up for your loss, negotiate with our suppliers who promise that they could resend the right item to you, but to our regret, they ask for a return of the item you received. In this case, could you please go to your local post office to ask about the return cost? Our return address is: No. 167, san gan lan, Shangjie Community Neighborhood Committee, Shangjie Town, Minhou, Fuzhou, Fujian, China.
You can choose to get the full refund or ask us to resend the right item to you once the suppliers get the returned package, please offer a picture of the delivery paper and package when you return it or provide us the tracking information online (by screenshot or picture) if you return the package.After you post the item back and provide information requested above, we will arrange a full refund plus the shipping cost of the returned package right away.
In addition, could you please check whether the item is useful for you or not? If yes, how about you keep the order or send it to your friend who can use it please, we can offer you a 40% refund of your total payment immediately, which can save the hassle of returning the item to us. If you have any different ideas, please kindly tell us and do not take further action, please believe that we can help you to solve it in a short time.
Your patience will be highly appreciated, have a nice day.

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    • Jill 05/16/2022 at 11:43 PM

      I too were scamed ordered 3 Wardrobes and received 3 Fans, no reply to my email

    • TJ 05/18/2022 at 12:45 AM

      I was also scammed of $67.05 to Lillianion.

      I bought 1 Lazy wardrobe & 1 shoe rack organizer but received 2 cheap necklaces. I am waiting for reply to my immediate email but doubt I will hear from them after now reading so many scam alerts for Illianion. Funny thing is, I couldnt see these warnings prior..weird. Hope we get refunds, but I feel we wont.

    • Mary 05/18/2022 at 07:28 AM

      I was also scammed of 117.92 usd to

      I bought a 2 wardrobe and 2 shoe rack organizer but received 4 cheap pouch 👝 bag..I emailed them. And I received similar email as you received..I'm hoping twe get a refund too..

    • Sandra 05/24/2022 at 10:11 AM

      I bought and payed for 2 x shoe racks and got back 2 hand fans, I can not put my shoes in there .from NEIKIA ORDER NO 220319062923630,
      all so sophiaone kitchenshelfs on wheels orderd 2 of .have not got, order no 220308054949320 LV455533685CN.AND

      JIMICES Multifunctional folding cabinet x1 $40.98 for this one item order number 220308053703642 if you could sort the 3 of these I would be very grateful I have written over and over say being shipped, I have received 2x pet collars with bells and 1x face necklace which I have not ordered but do not no what goes with I can send all back i want a full refunded for my 3 thing,s thank you s bartlett.

    • Adriana Jimenez 05/29/2022 at 10:06 PM

      I haven’t received my product and it’s been a month and a half can I get my money back or can you send me my product I did pay for it


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