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Scam contentsA random person contacted me as a personal friend, then conversations turned to investment opportunity with platform (starlink)
Comment / ReviewAfter trying to withdrawal profits, platform online customer service told me there was a 12% margin fee and gave me until January 31 to pay, i told them i would be a couple days late, they said that was fine.
I paid fee on February 2 and February 4 they told me i had to pay another ridiculous fee within 3 days and my money will be released in 24 hours

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    • Dave3283 02/10/2022 at 10:40 PM

      Update, close my account after I reported them to IC3 and FTC,

    • BobIvy 04/28/2022 at 08:43 AM

      I reported them to the AUSTRAC and the ATO after they stole $47,000 from me. I will never trust a foreign exchange again. The principle of Starlinkw is Jing Li 56 Chestnut St, Cremorne VIC 3121 Australia

    • Victim NA 03/08/2023 at 02:24 PM

      Starlink and the email id is a very big time institutionalized scam from China/Korea wherever these crooks are residing. I have lost huge amount of my hard earned money. I was approached by someone as friendly and later suggested me to invest in crypto. I was showed handsome return in the account for various crypto transactions. I eventually invested diluting my stocks equity on a new coin subscription. The returns showed were handsome but later when I tried to sell those profits and tried retrieving my money the trouble started! They first asked for ~80% of the withdrawal amount to be deposited as channel security deposit! Since it was a big amount, I said I would be late to deposit and they said its fine. Later, once I deposited the security amount I was asked for another ridiculous amount stating "your credit score has crashed and you need to deposit more money to restore your credit". Total nonsense! As this point I knew that I am stupidly following scamsters. They sent threatening messages for next few weeks as well :(

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