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Scam contentsMetal heart sculpture in different colors and sizes
Comment / ReviewThe product was not as it was described or as it appeared visually. I have noticed that this product is on Facebook with a lot of different company names. It also appears on Amazon. It was supposed to be made in America and was shipped via Spain. Headquarters are in Singapore. I have tried to contact company several times about returning it and get a message they are out of office and cannot be reached.

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    • Rose Perrotto 04/04/2022 at 11:18 PM

      I can not even find the words to express my dissatisfaction with my order. You show it hanging from a window or held up. The six bird 🐦 one I received will maybe fill on my small back door window. False advertising and I may just have to call our better business office.

    • Golding 04/24/2022 at 12:06 PM

      Ordered a weathervane via a facebook ad on 23Mar to date have not received - I have received similar email as other report saying they are in Singapore & out of office at moment - also had an email from '' with a link to '' to track the delivery - used the link showed it at USA customs then UK customs then Edinburgh - at this point suspected a scam - looked online & both are showing as scams - sent an email to fashionhappy asking for a refund & received a reply today telling me not to worry etc.etc.

    • B.R. Hartley 05/18/2022 at 07:38 PM

      The product arrived without any documentation showing the invoice details, supplier details etc. The item was a small steam iron advertised on FB. The product did not include some parts mentioned and did not operate as the video had shown. As this item was sent from USA ??
      it is a well organised scam in my opinion.

    • Robyn 05/31/2022 at 08:00 PM

      Placed an order from this company on 3/31/22 and still have not received it. They charged my credit card in full. I keep getting the run around from them…first it was shipped from Italy and then China with 3 different tracking numbers.

      it may be too late but I will be reaching out to my credit card to see if I can get a refund for this.

    • rb 09/06/2022 at 02:45 PM

      My wife and I ordered a Heavy Furnrture Roller Move Tool Kit, which included a lifting tool and 4 Moving Plates. My wife noticed the item on Facebook, and the video made the product look very good. I placed the order on their website, and shortly thereafter saw an increase from $35 to $43 during on my credit card authorization. This gave me the clue that it was coming from another country, either England or Ireland. My order did show that I ordered the Kit. After finally clearing customs weeks later, I finally received 4 moving plates and no lift bar. After many back andforth emails with their customer support, I was told I only ordered the 4 moving plates and no lift bar. This company should be called FashionScam instead. I will never see the lift bar, and I have four moving plates which I could buy at my local hardware store. The customer suport team was consistently short and rude in their replies, using "broken English". Stay away from this company!

    • David 01/12/2023 at 04:27 PM

      I ordered some Christmas decorations. Still waiting on delivery. Communication is ridiculously poor. Continually being told the transport provider will deliver but they don’t know who the transport provider is. Don’t buy from here

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