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Investment scam : +4915203780055 Amy, Xiaoxiao Huang


PseudonymAmy, Xiaoxiao Huang
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Telephone+49 1520 3780055 (ou 004915203780055) (more info)
Scam contentsSophisticated affective-financial scam 4.0 that makes more than drug dealing and other criminal activities. It is risk-free, complaints are often immediately filed by the police and the scammers are not prosecuted. The scam involves an oriental hooker and a pseudo-investment site in crypto-currency “THEFUTUREGUARD”. I have been the victim of over € 200,000. The scam started with a like that the self-styled Amy (or Xiaoxiao) Huang, a 30-year-old Chinese entrepreneur (but it could be anyone), put on some of my facebook posts, Intrigued, because I didn't have her among my friends, I contacted her and since then she has begun to subjugate me psychologically, only through whatsapp and in English (might be any language), to the point of offering me an investment that was making her a lot. Intrigued, I try with € 1,000. He made me open an online account in Lithuania ( and then one on “thefutureguard” (apparently in the United Arab Emirates), all opened with my ID and my pw.
The funds transited with a normal SEPA transfer from Italy to “”, then here they were converted into USDT cryptocurrency and transferred to “thefutureguard” through an IBAN in the form of an alphanumeric string of about 30 characters. The initial investment immediately yielded about a hundred euros through a fictitious "trading" operation linked to an elusive "node" of the USDT / Bitcoin exchange, but it was a gamble. I easily recover part of my funds through the reverse step,i.e. from “thefutureguard” to “” and from there to my bank. This apparent control of my funds led me, again at Amy's urging, to increase my investments. I would have liked to stop much sooner, but the scammer convinced me (thanks to her large loan) to invest at least USDT 300,000, to have a continuous income thanks to interest, otherwise the withdrawals would have affected the capital. Having arrived at the fateful sum, thefutureguard "customer service" (+971 52 517 9942) asked me for 20% tax on profits, to be paid to the customs of the United Arab Emirates, in my case over 40,000 USDT. This request made me suspect that I had fallen into a scam, which was confirmed by an expert who demonstrated to me on the block-chain website that Amy's loan did not exist.
Comment / ReviewThe scam is very well thought out because it is not possible to identify who to prosecute. In addition, the movements of money are made on accounts in the name of the victim on duty. My money is apparently still in my account, but I don't dare to make any more deposits, because unfortunately they are lost. Thefutureguard "withdraw" button only works when Amy says so. International fraud involves complications in investigations due to the need for international letters rogatory. The only certain fact is that thefutureguard site is registered in Phoenix, Arizona (USA) in the database of “privacyguardian” ( a domain seller. There are similar scams, always proposed by oriental women, but on other fake investment sites (e.g. atranding888).
Lesson: If we are afflicted with some moments of psychological weakness, we do not seek comfort with strangers. We are hypnotized by flattering words and are no longer in control of ourselves.

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