Donation Scam Keith J. Nichols

PseudonymKeith J. Nichols
Scam contentsRe: Your Kind Attention:

Good morning, I am resending this instruction advice considering the fact that our office is yet to confirm your response to our earlier email.

I am a private investigator and have been contracted by a financial institution to ascertain your relationship to an individual who died sometime ago.

He died intestate and left behind an estate worth millions, we have reasons to believe that you may be related to the deceased.

For further information, please contact the Assessor with your full names for confirmation.

I await your response confirmation.

Sincere Regards,
Keith J. Nichols
Comment / ReviewSame kind of what you put on your site, this time is in english language, but the text is more or less the same and the email is quite similar (just a J has been moved behind the point).

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