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Fraudulent websites

Fraudulent websites are generally e-commerce sites known to be litigation generators : No delivery, poor quality of products, counterfeit...

Even though the specialists of the genre are mainly sites of Chinese origin, it is not uncommon for local sites to also launch scams.

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Last reported scams 07/11/2022... Comment / Review: 53 mil chf perdu . Scam contents: 53 mil chf perdu . SUSPECTED SCAM! (3 comments) 07/11/2022... They sent 2 cheap toy tiger coin purses instead of a collapsed wardrobe and shoe rack that I ordered. Other fraud victims as per FB complaints have received fan toys, cheap pouches, smiley cheap necklaces and etc. When I contacted them they blamed it on shipp 07/11/2022... I was checking a Gymshark item and was directed to a website This website is still active until now since i still can log in to my member account. (3 comments) 07/11/2022... Comment / Review: I bought a pair of Hunter boots and have never received them. There is no contact phone number to ring and no-one replies to their emails.. Scam contents: Hunter boots +972556642138 (1 comment) 07/10/2022... We have tried several times to get a hold of someone and have sent several emails but no reply. Just the one saying my son's money has been refunded. But nothing. 07/10/2022... Comment / Review: It seems they hijacked a web-site's online paying page. Scam contents: notification on successful payment. SUSPECTED SCAM! 07/10/2022... Comment / Review: I don't know what to say. I was wondering if the site named is a scam.. Scam contents: Claim your prize, a Ninja Kitchen System . SUSPECTED SCAM! +12066662431 (1 comment) 07/10/2022... Comment / Review: bought 5 folding chairs with no trace of order nor delivery. Phone no is a scam that is invalid and email bounced back invalid.. Scam contents: view-source: 07/10/2022... Comment / Review: This guy is liar. He stole money . Scam contents: Fake informations on site They stolen our money. SUSPECTED SCAM! +447984280275 (1 comment) 07/10/2022... Not bought anything but website has no reviews, incredibly small catalogue, too many typos, and prices seem way too cheap. None of the social media links work Tested it on this site and other scam checkers and they all throw up red flags.
+12149602646 07/10/2022... Their hotline calls is useless. Have to go through 30 minutes of auto machines (their ploy is to keep u in circles, and get u hang up) that redirects me in circles, then finally got an agent who doesn't know anything. Number is from "Texas" but it is at Manila +14806242599 07/10/2022... Venda e compra de cripto moeda, porém logo depois qie compra o site não funciona mais é bloqueado Contatos Contato técnico Nome: Registro Privado Endereço: 2155 E Warner Rd Estado: Arizona País: EUA Fax: +1.4806242598 Iden +15512209033 (2 comments) 07/10/2022... Comment / Review: I feel like i should get my money back. I didnt know this a scam. Hope i dont lose out. Scam contents: I but a box fan from this place, and that was 3 days ago. I habe not heard from them at all. I email them and no answer. I called and it sa 07/09/2022... Berhati hati terhadap aplikasi Starmediago mereka sesuka hati memblokir akun anda padahal akun saya semua data asli dan rek bank juga atas nama saya juga di blokir mereka dengan alasan melakukan arbitrase bonus pendaftaran dan pencucian uang di platform Be 07/09/2022... Comment / Review: Fraude. Scam contents: Web defraude que me a quitado dinero . SUSPECTED SCAM! (1 comment) 07/09/2022... I ran across a website link that led to an online discount store. Was posted under the google news section as a link called Ecotourisme Info which redirected me to to fake discount store website called "". It seems they offering mostly shoe produc 07/09/2022... They are falsely advertising leather key chains with pictures printed directly onto the leather. Once it finally arrived, it wasnt even leather and the pictures were attached via stickers. When asked for a refund they wanted pics of the shipping label and prod 07/08/2022... Comment / Review: Életemben nem használtam azt az oldalt és szeretném visszakapni a pénzem. (Már nem létezik az oldal). Scam contents: Levett 50,53 USD-t a bankszámlámról, úgy hogy én azt nem hagytam jóvá. (1 comment) 07/08/2022... Comment / Review: Came through on my statement as SQ *Carroll Briggs GA for $92.24. Scam contents: Ordered from this site, they sent a traking number by Airboyexpress & never received the packages.
+85297953602 07/08/2022... Comment / Review: Transferí dinero por medio de este website. Scam contents:í dinero por medio de este website. SUSPECTED SCAM! (10 comments) 07/08/2022... They sent their items with China Post, the tracking number isn't functioning, I can't track my package. They promise a delivery after 4-5 days, now it's day 4 and I'm skeptical
+8552511421 (1 comment) 07/08/2022... Comment / Review: I was misled. Scam contents: Pay is $1.99 for shipment for an iPad. SUSPECTED SCAM!
+40738581572 (1 comment) 07/08/2022... Comment / Review: I want the product or all the money back (plus the commission taken after placing the order) as soon as possible. Scam contents: I ordered a product worth 318.40 RON, shipping 42.56 RON with a 5% discount. He asked for payment by card and the 07/08/2022... This seems to be a fraudulent investment website! They seem to provide rigged trades that end up not producing the appropriate refunds that clients are due. May be an example of a Pyramid Scheme, investors are asked to recruite other investors or a Ponzi schem 07/08/2022... Seems like a fraudulent website that advertises products but is anable to deliver. It may be an eCommerce platform that is linking merchants to merchandise but instead may be scamming the clients for their money. This theft can be done by obtaining credit car +16186315540 (1 comment) 07/08/2022... Comment / Review: I need help with this.... Scam contents: The order details are as follows: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Order No.: A22070812104647304 Seller website 07/08/2022... Comment / Review: they moved from and trying to start under a new name. Scam contents: they moved from and trying to start under a new name +16692009222 (1 comment) 07/08/2022... Comment / Review: Shut down the website. Its a scam. . Scam contents: purhased items and then they after the sale was completed they wanted more money for shipping insurance. After i paid for shipping already. Now they wont respond to me. Havent sent the items 07/07/2022... Clothing store that seems like a scam given that the prices are very low and the website is getting started in 2022. Scam that aims at getting one to share accounts in ordser to charge and gain money. 07/07/2022... Fraudulent site that sends messages of a potential delivery. the agent will be present with money to be verified. The scammer will present themself as a trusted company in order to scam account information and take money. (1 comment) 07/07/2022... Comment / Review: I was tracking product for a few weeks. Now site can not be found.. Scam contents: I purchased a LENOVO THINKPAD 3GEN... I received an Email confirmation along with delivery tracking. (1 comment) 07/07/2022... Comment / Review: I ordered a swimming pool two months ago and have not received it. No phone number and no response on there website . Scam contents: I'm out 100.00 dollar's (1 comment) 07/07/2022... Comment / Review: After my payment I haven’t got any reply and my order.. Scam contents: Aldo shoes. SUSPECTED SCAM! 07/07/2022... Scam website! Fraudulent website that is selling earbuds and are noyt delivering them to customers! The website presents some redflags! It was recently created in 2022 and also has very little information when looking at the site. The poor quality and lack of 07/07/2022... Total scam that has taken the money form it's investors. All the while promising returns on investment. A classic Ponzi Scheme, a fraud where the money of early investors is used to pay the most recent investors who arrive in the program. A web generated proje
+12099708041 (1 comment) 07/07/2022... Comment / Review: Tried contacting soffley by phone and by email. No answer. Scam contents: Orders a jackery solar panels and power station on 6/27/2022. Never receivedy order 07/07/2022... Comment / Review: One of the best scam sites i have seen. Gives false follow up mails on orders. Gives your card details away.. Scam contents: Sells clothing cheap. Exept you get nothing +447868769945 (1 comment) 07/07/2022... I bought a bar counter on their website and never received the counter. Tried all forms of contact to no avail. Website no longer exists and phone number is not valid. (1 comment) 07/07/2022... I bought a cardigan paid via credit card, received several emails without tracking. They said parcel was lost and they could only refund 40-50% of it cost. I have not received a refund. +442086385417 (1 comment) 07/07/2022... Fake product, very bad quality, notting like the advertised item. Rude communication. When asked for the return address I got a fake address in China. It would cost me more to return it than to keep it. Do not order from this website, it's scam. (5 comments) 07/07/2022... Comment / Review: Making me deposit huge amount of money. Scam contents: Holding my money without my will. SUSPECTED SCAM! +8445536228 (1 comment) 07/07/2022... company is a scam! I charged my card and changed my $59.95 for three months. I called to ask what the charge was for, and they said some discount membership. I asked for a refund, and they refused. The person said she wou (1 comment) 07/07/2022... Comment / Review: Never received product. Phone number doesn’t work. Seller didn’t respond to request for refund . Scam contents: Products like backpacks etc 07/06/2022... Total scam website! Fraudulent website that is selling products! The website has strange offers with prices and no products are delivered! Seems that they are looking for personal, vital information and will take your money ! 07/06/2022... Total scam website! Fraudulent website that is selling products! The website has strange offers with prices and no products are delivered! Seems that they are looking for personal, vital information and will take your money ! Much diisatisfaction in relatio
+13173831440 (1 comment) 07/06/2022... Comment / Review: Web site not available now. Scam contents: Handicap ramp. SUSPECTED SCAM! 07/06/2022... Total scam website! Fraudulent website that is selling products! The website has strange offers with prices and no products are delivered! Seems that they are looking for personal, vital information and will take your money ! +448000728380 (1 comment) 07/06/2022... Charges a £1 (Which I thought was cheeky of Ring Go) then 2 hours later charges £59.95 and sets itself up as a monthly charge-Pain in the neck to get bank to cancel future payments and register the fraud Emailed the fraudster but no reply of course +18024875836 07/06/2022... Totally is a bot with a generated respone thats the same for every email and non working phone number..get your bank involved and get your money back immediately..also they are not connected with anyo e they say they sell for +442895816767 07/06/2022... Is a scam for fake selling machineries in Europe: Sales Manager Jacob NOLAN Phone: +44 2895 81 6767 Fax: +44 161 818 2145 They are using existing european legal entities name with wrong adresses,