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+447444471544 John Cork

PseudonymJohn Cork
Telephone+44 7444 471544 (ou 00447444471544) (Info / Risk score)
Scam contentsAsk for cash the euro tunnel transport because he lost his wallet. Send the miney via phone to me but it never arrives
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      • Isabella 07/02/2024 at 07:34 AM

        Oh my god, I got scammed by the same guy yesterday! He was from Ireland and told me he needed cash for the ferry tickets for him and his family because he lost his bag with all his money and his papers. He said he'd transfer it immediately which I watched him do and I gave him 400 euros. I got his Whatsapp number but he doesn't reply. Through your report I realized that I have been scammed, thank you!
        Do you remember where you got scammed? I wonder if he just uses the same spot. And could you get any of your money back?

      • Alex 07/02/2024 at 09:50 AM

        He Told me he is from Scottland.
        He talk to us on a Gasolin station neer arnhem in the netherlands.
        It was also 400€. i found a picture of him and his car on facebook. It was on a page of a car dealer from northern irland. Is it the same guy on the picture?
        Where did you got scammed?

        Picture of the scammer

      • Isabella 07/03/2024 at 05:46 AM

        Wow it's crazy, yes it's the same guy. He approached me at a rest stop near Cologne in Germany, he also had a 14(ish)-year-old boy with him. Apparently they are just road-tripping and financing their travel cost through this I guess? I called the rest stop but they hadn't seen him or heard similar stories.
        Did you go to the police with this?

      • Gigi 07/11/2024 at 05:35 AM

        Same happend to us Last sunday in Neuwied-Germany at the freeway A 3!! It IS the same guy!!He had Family in his car, two girls and a young Boy, a Dog and a wife. For us he was "Martin Maughan". We have him € 420.- cause His ferry-story. Today He stopped our phonecalls - He used the same number Like yours. We are completly disappointed because we trusted him in our Heart... It is much Money for us....

      • Alex 07/12/2024 at 03:56 AM

        Hello Isabella & Gigi,

        thats realy shoking that he is still doing this. I will go to the police now. Please do it aswell.
        Do you have any more informations? Pictures or anything?

      • Mac 07/15/2024 at 12:52 PM

        It's really a disaster that this guy is still doing this. We had the same today at the motorway rest station Hardtwald West near Heidelberg/ Germany. He (together with two boys) pretended to be a Scottish fan coming from the EM soccer games and was stollen his backpack, incl. credit cards, Eurotunnel tickets etc. He asked in such a special manner for 370 Pounds (EUR 440) that we unbelievably gave it to him, something we normally would never do. He responded on his mobile number. I will contact the police now. Somehow this guy needs to be stopped!

      • Mac 07/15/2024 at 01:16 PM add: he showed me on his mobile an Barclays App and then bank transfer information. His name on these apps was also "Martin Maughan"...

      • S 07/17/2024 at 05:13 PM

        Guess I'm joining in the group of people he scammed.
        Today: Rasthof, Pfefferhöhe 1, 36304 Alsfeld, Tyskland

        450 euro...
        Got a picture of the back of his car Volvo V40 with license plate if any of you are in contact with the German police.

      • Soeren 07/17/2024 at 05:18 PM

        The Car


      • Soeren 07/19/2024 at 11:49 AM


      • Alex 07/20/2024 at 05:51 AM

        Hello Soeren, can you send me also the infos you have?

      • elisaaa 07/22/2024 at 02:09 AM

        I was ripped off by the same guy today. The number & the photo match. Autohof Bensheim on the A5. 400€ for the ferry to Scotland. His rucksack was stolen and all his tickets were blocked. His son was also there. Saw that he made a "bank transfer", money will probably never arrive. I have reported it to the police.

      • Report #779651 07/22/2024 at 02:16 AM

        Autohof Bensheim on the A5. A scotish man with his son asked for 400€ for the ferry to Scotland. His backpack was stolen and all his tickets were blocked. Saw that he made a "bank transfer", money will probably never arrive. I have reported it to the police.
        He talked about his trip to Germany with his son. He had forgotten his rucksack in a restaurant two hours ago & then it was no longer there. He needed money to get the ferry from Calais to the UK. Cards were blocked, transfers still work. Withdrew 400€ for him. He has made a cell phone "transfer" for 400 pounds. Money does not arrive. No answer to the phone number. The number was correct, I called him directly on the spot and the call was put through. A report was made to the police.

        Pseudonym : Martin Maugh

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