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Scam contentsinitial investment is $100. completing daily tasks offers a commission of half a percent of the invested amount. But creating a combined task will create a negative balance and additional money must be added to balance of the account. The higher the account, the bigger the difference and it is necessary to add more money to the account. After five days, a bonus of USD 800 will be added to the account and become part of the budget. Subsequently, thanks to the combined task, there will be a negative balance and the need to top up a large amount, this is repeated even after the top up... When you have a low account, everything looks simple, a few tens of USD will be replenished in the combined task. BUT when you have 1500 USD in your account, the additional payment can be, for example, 1300 USD first, and in the next step already 3300 USD, as it happened to me. I was no longer able to top up this amount, so my account was blocked even with all the investments. I belive that after next deposite it should happen next negative balance with even bigger prize. If you starting it without money they gave you bonuses to your acount but during solving task and it will only increase your problems with deposit.
Comment / ReviewThey have Customer Service page where you are solving deposits or additional payments through electronic wallets. they always tell you - solve your acount and finish all tasks, than you can withdraw...
They have comunity - invited me to WhatsApp group of succesfull people who working there - there are about 20 members with first names only, the phone numbers of these people are nowhere to be found. People themsefls too.

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      • Davide 05/21/2024 at 03:27 AM

        I had the same exactly experience. Even if with different mob numbers: 0044 7479 542907 - 0044 7861 722685 - 0044 7400 235303.

      • Report #767768 05/28/2024 at 05:10 PM

        Happened on WhatsApp - closing my profile and deinstalling this app. This is the 5-th attempt. This time I decided to play along.
        1. I was contacted by Lucie from InHunt World. This was a legit company, but the profile was not. They always use only one name
        Phone number: +27 68 043 1563 - Africa.
        Lucie offered me a job opportunity with a lot of typos - first sign for a scam. Part Time - 1500 EUR - 2000 EUR. Full time: 10k EUR - 30k EURO per month. - Second sign for a scam. I ...
        Comment Review:
        I was in vacation and played along as it was fun to see how this works. Not gonna lie, this is a lot of effort put in but I see that the same scenario is played almost every time.
        Will give it a 8/10 for the attempt and 3/10 for the website I used which a teenager can create better via youtube tutorials.
        Due to me being impatient, I tried to test if the website had actually embedded API for transactions (which I suspect it did not), having in mind that everything was manually done, however, this cost me the free 60 USDT.

        JACKiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii my friend, next time I will get you!

        Fraudulent email :
        Pseudonym : Jack / Lucie
        Telephone : +447475042947

      • Bay Huy 06/13/2024 at 08:33 AM

        They tried to do the same scenario with me. Thanks to my research and comments in this site I was prepared and even gained couple of hundred USD before they started with the scheme. 😊
        Important - today they changed the website address to

        • Alex Donchev 06/13/2024 at 03:12 PM

          Hi there, would you please tell when did you stopped depositing? Because now I am in with 1500 USDT and it wants me to deposit 1500 USDT more to complete my ''combination task'' and I just think that my money are already gone..

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