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+260977294644 YnY holdings lp

PseudonymYnY holdings lp
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Telephone+260 97 7294644 (ou 00260977294644) (Info / Risk score)
Scam contentsI was asked to invest money on yny holdings lp, but as i sent money amount to 9500 Zmw, was asked to add money to it again, i tried to retrieve the money but I was asked to send 14,750 ZMW to have access to my funds.
They are still holding on to my funds.
Comment / ReviewI need your help to retrieve my funds, your assistance will be highly appreciated

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  • +260 97 7294644
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    • Epsilon 04/16/2024 at 12:34 PM

      I was contacted by them some weeks ago. They gain your trust through WhatsApp by sending you 1usd free, then you complete a series of deposits, get back some small profit, then the next day, they ask even more as deposit to continue what they call courses. At the 3rd course they ask you to deposit an amount yielding an 80% reward. When you're done right in the middle of the course, they summon you to deposit almost 3x your initial deposit to finish the course, stating that fail to do that shall result in you getting kicked out from the program and losing everything. I lost about 200usd.This guys should really be stopped before destroying even more people

    • Epsilon 04/16/2024 at 12:41 PM

      This is amazing they try to make it so real to you by issuing certificate of completion, whereas they're just trying to scam you, it's so sad that they seem to go unpunished yet.

    • Epsilon 04/16/2024 at 12:46 PM

      The Y&Y website seems to be down, I can't access my account anymore.

    • Omar 04/17/2024 at 07:21 PM

      I was also scammed last week they told me to send 118 USD which is 3020 to finish my course chapter 3 profit cause when I sent that money again they said I should send K7020 ZMW t o graduate them they will send me K25000 ZMW to withdraw my 118 USD but I didn't send yet that money I lost K3000 118 USD they scammed me

    • Omar 04/17/2024 at 07:32 PM

      My line is **********

    • KBLESS78 04/18/2024 at 02:52 PM

      They gain ur trust through WhatsApp and then be sending $1 for something they call courses and then ask you to deposit an amount in bitcoins to finish the third course. As of now I've deposited everything I got and am broke with my 4049 trx stuck in the same account. The link to the group used to be but now it's Someone should please help me stop this people and get my money back cause am suffering. Anyone who can help should pls email me on ***************

    • Scammed USD400 05/13/2024 at 04:42 PM

      Just got into this scam, i have lost almost 400 usd. Same situation as described in above comments.

      My take aways from this scam is
      1)The scammers will not die unless there are greedy people alive :)

      2) my smart phone is way more smarter than me as the invitation from this was marked spam and i even then go behind this scam
      3) these guys should be stopped asap. And we should be more careful rather than chasing shortcuts to earn more.
      4) i wish i could have read these reviews before being scammed.

      5) i ve got to meet this scamwatcher by being the victim of this scam.

      Scamwatcher is doing good work!

    • Mesco 05/16/2024 at 12:31 PM

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