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Scam contentsI remember i have applied a job from the website Remote4u, after that i received a WhatsApp message from this number +447436003404 about a job offer like this:
Hello, I'm Alice the Recruitment Manager from Remote Recruitment Ltd. Do you need a part time or a full time job?

Great, we have a new job here which I highly recommend : assisting online merchant/e-commerce to improve their brand reputations and product sales.
Starting with a 5-day trial, you can earn 100-400£ per day in commission.
After the trial period, you will get an additional 500£ basic salary per month + daily commission for part time.
If you decided to work full time, you will get basic salary of 3000£ per month + daily commission.
Job opportunities are limited and you want to know more?
Task will be given by the company daily , which consist of having to Review , Rate or Promote the company/items of the company . But that's only part of the task .

You only need a mobile phone for the job and you can choose to complete your task whenever you're free.
For starter, you get to earn 100£ in 1-2 hours of time.
When you get use to the job, you will get around 300£ within 2 hours working time.
For part time , you are requested to work not lesser than 20 hours a month to be eligible for base salary which is 500 pounds exclude commission .
For full time , you are requested to work not lesser than 80 hours a month to be eligible for base salary which is 3000 pounds exclude commission .
Commissions are based on the amount of task you are able to clear , the more task you clear the more commission you'll get .
Training hours and working hours will be self scheduled.
Thank you. The person-in-charge will contact you via WhatsApp shortly, please pay attention to your WhatsApp message and good luck with your work.

After few minutes a received a message from Angel saying she is the agent who explained about the job. After the explanations she asked me to register in this account:
But i could only access that for 2 days, then she gave me another link to access:
Comment / ReviewThe company name is SimilarWeb. They said the job is about ecommerce, reviewing products and getting a bit commission.
On my 1st day, i was able to earn money but not enough to withdraw because i can only withdraw i reach 100usd. On my 2nd day, i managed to earn more than 100usd and i was able to withdraw it. On the 3rd day, i couldn't continue anymore because of the package assignment that i have to pay 1st before i can continue otherwise i won't be able to complete the task. I was required to deposit money to complete the job. However, before the end of my task there's another package assignment that is in big amount. The agent will force and encourage you to make a deposit to be able to continue and get the commission. A big lie and SCAM!

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      • Sally 03/06/2024 at 06:26 AM

        Yes, this is a scam, fur sure. The website/platorm looks dodgy. What job asks YOU to pay upfront to review products?

      • Mitch 03/25/2024 at 12:49 PM

        I stupidly signed up to this. As I had googled and everything looked legit. Links to social media and that was legit. Until that moment that I was asked to transfer the money to complete the tasks. I was very sceptical. But the agent explained and showed messages of someone else who had questioned it. So I went with it. I got the money back and thought ok. (My head was questioning still, but I went ahead). Then the next day the amount was bigger. So mad at myself. Is there anyway at all to get the money back?

        • Jaelynn 03/26/2024 at 11:07 AM

          How much did you transfer? Have you still got access to the platform? I encountered 2 assignments and deposited twice but then after that there was another assignment that was a bit higher. That's where i stopped, when i was trying to communicate with the agent they removed me from their WhatsApp group and the agent stopped messaging me. These people in WhatsApp group were pretending to be a team and talking about how easy the job is and sometimes plan something to have dinner or watched movie as if they have done it afterwards.
          The one who removed me named Elsa Davies, i searched her in facebook she got a profile of all these travel photos encouraging people to join her on her online business. So avoid all these people, they are probably made up profile photos and names.

        • MitchMoo 03/27/2024 at 10:55 AM

          Hi Jaelynn,

          I'm about £1,200 down. Was chasing it coming back with the promise that you don't get multiple merged orders often. Then on task 37/38 it came back with a negative balance again and it wanted me to transfer £3,600. No chance. I was foolish enough going that far!
          I'm still in the chat but mine wasn't a group. Just myself and the manager, "Ashley". She just says I need to transfer more each time I ask what do I do and suggest that it's slightly ridiculous asking someone to transfer those kind of amounts in order to earn money.

        • Jaelynn 03/27/2024 at 12:59 PM

          We've got similar experience, when i was near the end of the task the merged parcel appeared again. Despite her promises that i won't encounter anymore merged product. My agent is Angel, she joined me in the group but removed me when i didn't continue my task asking for a huge amount of money. I think these people just kept on changing their names when they move to another victims. I tried to get my money back and but no chance at all. What we can do is just report them to take their website down. You can go back to your bank as well and try if you can get your money back. I'm still sorting mine.

      • Simon 03/25/2024 at 01:06 PM

        Tried to withdraw my funds but they have ghosted me. Won't respond to emails. Phone number on web site is not secure. Any emails to company by me are not submitted. Tried to get me to invest more money and when I said I was not comfortable doing this they cut me off and have not given any money back. It took quick assistance from +14699562546 before my deposit was returned, Don't deal with them no matter how legitimate they make their web site appear.

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