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+447367022526 makeen digital

Pseudonymmakeen digital
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Telephone+44 7367 022526 (ou 00447367022526) (more info)
Scam contentsEllos te piden grandes depósitos de USDT para poder pagarte tu sueldo.
Comment / ReviewTe engañan durante cinco dias haciéndote creer que puedes ganar dinero trabajando desde casa pero poco a poco te van convenciendo de que puedes confiar en ellos, incluso te incluyen en un grupo de WhatsApp lleno de personas contando lo mucho que están ganando.

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  • +44 7367 022526
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United Kingdom
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    • Grf 10/20/2023 at 02:47 PM

      I have received the same job scam by number

      +44 7397 899550

    • J. Leon 10/24/2023 at 11:43 AM

      I have received the same offert from +44 7737 565915, they offert a data provider role, just for whatsApp.

    • Phd 11/01/2023 at 04:17 PM

      I was scam by this people :( by number +44 7383 133522

    • drei 11/14/2023 at 06:25 PM

      I did not get scam, but almost.

      First of all i got a Whatsapp message from a +1 number telling me they are clntacting me from SPMB and they give you litle information about the data user provider "job", then after 1 or 2 days a +44 number contact me to teach me how to open a bitget account and how to open an account in a Crowbotics side website (which is fake) and then this person teached me how to do the "job" and everything for 5days, he even put me into a groupchat with +20 people talking about how much money they getting. At the 5th day, they are supposed to give you 800usdt, but then, before you can withdraw it to your bitget account, you have to deposit a large amount of money to complete the tasks (the job) and after you can withdraw it (which is false). I almost deposited 900ustd, but i saw that this is a scam.

    • Sergi 11/15/2023 at 10:12 AM

      same offer by number +44 7462 562492

    • indiecito 12/06/2023 at 04:31 PM

      same offfer from a guy called himself Tony from a company he said is called Conductor.
      +44 7428 401693
      Same kind of pattern. He wanted me to do a training through a website called

    • Juan José Bernardo Alonso /Juanjo 12/09/2023 at 05:31 AM

      Same Tony contacting me from, +44 7476 732582 after a +1... Call looking for candidates, I'm supposed to do training today, ha ha, I'll have fun

    • Buck Roehre 12/11/2023 at 07:08 AM

      Riveryprogram cc
      This site is used to get people to deposit money via cryptocurrency USDT, or they suggest a job offer where you can easily earn a lot of money. The Rivery logo is stolen, there is no legal notice, and the alleged support with chat is also just a fraudulent site. The alleged WhatsApp group with several members is also fake.
      You are guided by a "mentor" via WhatsApp to make payments via Biget or MoonPay on their site in order to top up your supposed work account. At the beginning you receive a "salary", but I don't think you will receive any more payments. They promise a salary plus commissions every few days and it all looks genuine at first. They start with small sums, which then increase. This site will probably be quickly replaced by another similar one. You will probably be contacted from +44 numbers (UK), via Telegram or Whatsapp. As this is cryptocurrency, payments cannot be canceled.

    • Scammed by PBGME.IO 01/13/2024 at 11:00 AM

      I have been scammed by these people asking to deposit to PBGME.IO Exchange. The scam starts by showing you how to make money with ETH and BTC, at the begining you can withdraw, but later after enticing you that the more USDT you have the higher the earnings. I have lost over $50000 USD and I still have $22000 frozen in the account. They worked on a transaction that I losyt $26500 and later everyone disappear from the wahtsapp group. Names Professor Giles Dtirling and Assitant Lavinia. I have been robbed and I was stupid as many people told me it was a scam. Be careful Thiefs with no scruples.

    • jandrej 01/24/2024 at 03:18 PM

      The same expirience with the number +447565834491. Fortunately I´ve only start to do "task" during training and I gain the suspicion. They wanted me to contact the support via caht, but my Antivir stop this conection. I think this is their doors to the computere. They show you easy money and some little problem that you must solve via chat for which you have to shut down your firewall.When I confronted the guy on whatsapp, with my notion, that the whole thing is a scam, no answer. after some minnutes many things that is no scam without any prove.

    • Cesar 03/14/2024 at 07:52 PM

      Same method from +44 7533058722

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