Investment scam +862388233540 Newman Jiang

PseudonymNewman Jiang
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Telephone+86 23 8823 3540 (ou 00862388233540) (Info / Risk score)
Scam contentsThey claim to be an investment brokerage company based in China but they're just scammers who will not return your money and they will look for opportunities to get more money from you.
Comment / ReviewThey provide fake "proof" in the form of fake documents and websites to prove they're real but they do not exist on legal Chinese business directories. Most of the employees have British accents.

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    • ditz 01/21/2024 at 06:16 AM

      any comment or facts will be appreciated to help to prepare law suit

      • Njincscam 01/25/2024 at 10:34 AM

        Let's chat. Posted my email address in the Comment / Review section above. Looks like i can't post it in here

    • Report #757104 04/16/2024 at 07:30 AM

      In making attempts to get funds repatriated, fees are constantly asked for on a regular basis
      . Funds are never returned and fees keep racking up to amounts far exceeding the requested repatriated funds.
      The only documents that are genuinely real from this ‘company’ are the password protected documents containing banking details.
      In each case a different bank is used from various different countries.

      Fraudulent email :
      Pseudonym : Martin Newnan

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