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Telephone+60 11-2331 6543 (ou 00601123316543) (more info)
Comment / ReviewThis is a phishing scam that pretends to be the USPS website to try to steal personal information. This scam is spread through SMS messages with the exact unedited text "The US Postal package hasarrived at the warehouse andcannot be delivered due toincomplete addressinformation. Please confirmyour address in the link. (Please reply to 1, then exit theSMS, open the SMS activationlink again, or copy the link toSafari browser and open it) The US Postal team wishesyou a wonderful day!". I did not edit the text in quotes at all whatsoever. The phone number that I'm aware of sending these is "+60 11 2331 6543". The website is "", which according to my research seems to be a Chinese web hosting service hosted by ALIBABA.COM SINGAPORE E-COMMERCE PRIVATE LIMITED. I believe these guys might also own the malicious domains "" and "", but I has no evidence of this and it is simply a guess.

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