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Scam contentsThis company is selling battery powered cleaners which is legitimate. Where the scam is is in the sales process. You are taken through a progressive set of pages, first for the cleaner itself, which you buy, and payment processes. Your are then taken to the next pages, each offering an accessory to your purchase with the option to choose 1,2,3 or 4 of those accessories. You decide yes, you’ll have one of those and payment processes immediately- your PayPal or bank card is wide open to them. Except. You were not charged for one accessory. You were charged for four. And this has repeatedly happened throughout the process and they have scooped money out of your account. So you email support. They reply telling you it’s not possible to amend your order. You reply telling them you want to refund the entire order. They say it’s not possible- too late. The return process is onerous and costly. This is a full on scam hidden in a seemingly legitimate enterprise!
Comment / ReviewI have the email trail if you want it and the site is active

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    • SAS 07/11/2023 at 11:11 AM

      The exact same thing happened to me. I immediately called customer service and they said they would submit a modification to fix the order. A couple of days later, I received an e-mail saying it was too late. (I had called immediately.) I also called American Express to dispute the charge. This is a fraud. No one wants 4 brushes of each kind! Do not order from this company. If you really want the scrubber, I would recommend ordering it on Amazon. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY.

    • GV 09/21/2023 at 02:10 PM

      I ordered 1 scrubber and they sent me 4. I do not need 4 of them and want to return these. Who pays for the return shipment? Is this a scam? I do not want to be charged for 4. Who do I report this to? HELP!

    • HT 09/28/2023 at 05:22 AM

      Same here. I asked for cancellation on same day. Where is the honesty. Very deceptive. PayPal should revoke their services from them. Post here if your issue gets resolved. I’m just a few days after you

    • kd 10/20/2023 at 01:33 PM

      i have the identical experience. sounds like this is how they operate. then they tell you you have to pay the return shipping.

    • harleyone 11/17/2023 at 07:07 PM

      Oh I'm so sorry this happened to you guys. I was intrigued by the Synoshi ad and put in an order for ONE handle and ONE set of brushes. Like you all experienced the order was changed to FOUR units, for handle and brushes. I immediately contacted PayPal then Synoshi. PayPal cancelled the transactions. I heard from a representative at Synoshi Customer Support within two days. She cancelled everything I did not order PLUS, now get this, she said I could keep the extra items, I didn't have to return anything. I've watched my PayPal account and the only activity was the refunds for everything.
      I've used the power scrubber and really like it. It cleans the hard water stains off the bathroom tub. It is light weight, small enough to store where it is convenient to use. Does seem to be powerful enough to do what I want it to do.

    • Iris 11/23/2023 at 12:54 AM

      Same me I am very angry 😡

    • kray 12/02/2023 at 12:42 AM

      I am a victim as well. Charge was applied through PayPal. four brushes showed up at my door. There was no invoice. I DID NOT order these. Sent a complaint via email and receive an auto response stating I would be contacted. That was 5 days ago.

    • Rob 12/14/2023 at 01:54 PM

      Same happened to me! If you go to your paypal app and look at the recent charges purchased through paypal, it will give you a number to the customer service of Synoshi. After talking to the customer service representative for about 15 minutes and listening to him try to sell me on the brush 3 more times they finally issued a refund! Definatley a scam

    • Diane 12/17/2023 at 12:10 PM

      Same here and PayPal said it was my fault that synoshi told them I completed the transaction, which I did not! I'm out 190.00! Never order from this company!

    • Pam 12/19/2023 at 05:55 PM

      I'm out about $150 from debit. Same scam, I didn't even see check out or approve before my debit card was charged. And returns in Lithuania?? I usually check Amazon first. Product maybe good. They don't need this scammy approach. And it's almost $100 postage to Lithuania. They know no one will return.

    • Synoshi Scammed 02/01/2024 at 12:13 PM

      I did not order the Synoshi, but it somehow processed payment for it and sent it to me anyhow - with all the extras. I received a call this morning from a local number claiming to be with Synoshi. They offered deeper discounts for more and wanted my birth date for additional birthday deals. My PayPal was recently hacked, so I did not provide this detail. I called the number back and the lady who answered did not mention that she was with Synoshi, instead asked who I was calling for. Do not order and watch your account if you have already done so!

    • Val 02/10/2024 at 02:20 PM

      Same exact - ordered one, got four. I got the return authorization. I'm just about to check with USPS to see how much to send to Lithuania. I should get a refund of about $92.00. If the postage is close to $100 as cited above, I guess I'll just chalk it up to experience. I tried out the product, and it doesn't seem too bad. Works pretty well. Too bad they took the scam route. I ordered with a credit card and it looked as though it was charged to PayPal. I haven't figure out if I've been charged in both places yet. Someone should set these people straight. I will avoid ordering anything from these one-off places. Similar scams are happening with brassieres!

    • Deb E 03/07/2024 at 05:41 AM

      This company is operating their purchasing scam, please can anyone advise best way to get a refund!!

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