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Scam contentsI ordered some Stanley water cups from a website claiming to be Dick’s. Great price on the 40 oz cups and no shipping fees. I placed order on 4/26/23. On 5/9/23 I reached out to the company regarding the order because I was unable to pull up the tracking info with the number I had (from my confirmation). They replied with a tracking number & website. Long story short, I’m in NJ and my package was apparently delivered to an address in Lititz, Pa. When I reached out again, the company told me my information was correct on the package and I had to reach out to the post office. I called USPS and they told me that the package was delivered, my name and address were not on it, AND someone else had opened a missing package claim using the same tracking number. I was told it’s a scam company that gives out the same tracking number to multiple people.
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