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Scam contentsI saw a really great ad on Pinterest and it was something I wanted (raised flower beds)and at a good price. I paid by credit card through my bank. Immediately received notice that my order was being processed. Notified when shipped and tracking # given. A notice of delivery but nothing arrived but a flimsy. 1 0z. nylon "purse" with a smiley face. The "company" responded blaming the shipping company. They asked me to return their product for a complete refund. Over $17 USD to return. My PO suggested that this too was a scam.
Comment / ReviewAt the very moment I was in my small town PO, another customer had also been scammed.. Post office advised that I not lose any more money by mailing it back. The tracking number is not a real number, at least not with the USPS who is supposed to handle shipments once they reach stateside.

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      • PGol 05/04/2023 at 11:06 PM

        I fell for this scam too. Price to good to be true. Product coming from China. Took over a month to get. What I order was not what I got. A pair of black socks and a fanny pack saying yum. They did not put insurance on product received. Contacted the shipper said sorry but must make contact with seller. Seller states oops sent the wrong item and to ship it back and will give 30% refund. Emailed back and forth multiple times. Then state you cannot ship back for not the correct address. Then the email shuts down. No further contact. Did contact credit card company to dispute.

      • Bob 06/12/2023 at 11:22 AM

        This is certainly a SCAM. Mine was ASL*jamerson. I received a small purse instead of a scooter. Bogus for sure!!!

      • Beth 06/12/2023 at 12:28 PM

        I personally think that since Pinterest took their advertising dollars without vetting, they should be held liable.

      • ELSEN ANDRE 06/26/2023 at 04:18 AM

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      • Andrzej 06/27/2023 at 01:12 AM

        Jestem kolejnym oszukanym.

      • Pankaj 07/09/2023 at 02:23 PM

        I ordered a 100" smart TV but I haven't received it as yet.
        When I emailed them they have told me they will send me a replacement but I haven't received it yet.

      • Mona 08/16/2023 at 11:16 PM

        I ordered the sewing table for 39.95. NEVER RECEIVED ANYTHING…no email, no text, no product, no nothing!!!

        Then I get a messy saying it was delivered. Well, that date/day I was home all day…nothing was ever delivered.


      • SJP 08/26/2023 at 07:41 PM

        I bought a table saw and miter saw ,but never get my order except a small purse . I did emailed many times , but nothing happeed no my order no refund. their email is ?! and I fount that is is scam

        they ad as fathers day and with a video and seems it is a good offer , but , becareful it is JUST A SCAM AND NOTHING ELSE

      • SD 08/27/2023 at 01:44 PM

        Beware of latoniaa and other “ so called “ companies over seas. They are a scam and big rip off. You find most of the illegal companies on Pinterest. BEWARE.

      • Mikyy 10/17/2023 at 09:19 AM

        Je to podvod!!! Objednal jsem stul za cca 1300,- a nic nedorazilo. Přes přepravní číslo jsem se díval, že zásilka by měla být u mě ve městě, ovšem skutečnost je jiná. Zkoušel jsem psát email s prosbou o vysvětlení proč zboží nedoručili a stejná básnička jako u ostatních podvedených až na to že mi nepřišlo vůbec nic.

      • Jason 11/11/2023 at 08:20 PM

        I got screwed for 54.00 expecting to get 2 gas powered trikes.and pissed.

      • Evert 11/30/2023 at 05:39 PM

        Scammers, that's what they are.

        My daughter bought some and got junk.

        After some e-mail contact, I was promised that the money would be returned by Christen, Paul, Becky, Haley.

        I never got my money back, but the e-mail that the used doesn't excist anymore.
        The following address has been provided: Our return address is: 1F, Block B, 108-120 Fengping Road, Fenggang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. Maybe if someone comes close, he can go there for a "coffee"?

        That will teach them to extort money from children etc.

      • Beth 11/30/2023 at 07:27 PM

        Where did you see their ad? Was it on Pintrest? That's where I got scammed.

      • Barb 12/15/2023 at 05:18 PM

        I fell for the" we are closing our store and have to get rid of our inventory, everything 75%off all willow products"
        i paid $40 for the nativity set and never received it

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