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Scam contentstiapal is an online clothing store claims to be offering affordable prices. However, customers are not receiving their orders.
Comment / ReviewThe website is advertising about selling clothes at affordable prices however deceiving customers with both poor quality items and non-delivered items.
Its parent company, YINO, has been found on many problematic websites, and this is a huge red flag about this online store.
The content is also being copied from other websites.Avoid ordering from here.

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      • Dd 01/05/2023 at 02:17 PM

        This website just trying to stolen money fr people. I have ordered some item for 3 months, and still didn’t get my order, and when I try to contact them , they still telling me wait next week. And they don’t want to give my money back.

        Don’t ever order anything from this website, they will take your money and don’t give you anything. ( fake website)

        • Columbia321 02/27/2023 at 05:08 AM

          Yep...!!! got me as well...I should have been more aware. But these thieves make my blood boil. I see you said that you've contacted them & they were telling you or keep telling you Waite next week..? I can't believe you were able to speak to anyone. I tried & only had that bogus website..( ) to go on & its a LIE OF AN EMAIL as well. Sorry, I think that's the website. Doesn't matter cause its a lie. I have to ask, did you speak with someone on the phone about your order from there.? I would love to be able to talk to anyone from that company about my order. Which has been over 38 days ago I ordered from them. And still says ( Preparing For Shipment ) I like to think I'm a polite, decent individual for the most part but, my stomach turns and I would love to see nothing but the "WORST" happen to all that's involved to what they have done to me, to all of you and what they are going to continue doing to so many more. I'm sorry these people wronged all of you....... Im getting to the point that I don't even care what they did to me anymore Really. What they are going to continue To do To so many more people is a point I wish I could help make it stop.....And that is so much beyond happening......

      • Tom 01/17/2023 at 04:19 AM

        The fact is that they cheating people all around the world regularly and nobody can't stop them. Facebook people are so greedy and unprofessional, they advertise that company with no checks. I hope somebody will punished the man who is cheating people while drinking Champagne.

      • Razvan 05/26/2023 at 04:46 PM

        Can I still get my money back

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