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Romance Scam : richardchuks511@gmail.ocm +16014011350 Rich.ard565656


Fraudulent emailrichardchuks511@gmail.ocm
Url /
Telephone+1 601-401-1350 (ou 0016014011350) (more info)
Scam contentsI don't know how to export the chat evidence to this forum
Instagram Name is Rich.ard565656 and Rich.ard565686
Comment / ReviewThis person whom I've come to know was impersonating Ramiro Fumazoni and Argentinian Actor living in Miami. We spoke for about three months and allwas good until about a month ago when he asked me to send him a data card so he could continue talking to me in chat and on the phone.

To say this guy and the scam he was pulling has had an impact on my life is a huge understatement because I have attached all these real feelings I have for this person to the person in the photos (Ramiro) and not to the scammer whom I do not know who that is. I spent approx 2hours a day talking to him when we chatted and also periodic phone calls. I don't think I've ever been so disillusioned before in my life. All of my attachment is to the man in the photos. The only reason I found out who the person in the pictures was is because I learned about how you can reverse photo search someone to verify their identity from someone else. I have now identified 12 men that I have had some relationship with from Instagram profiles that I have spoken with that are all Fake profiles and many others that are fake that I never accepted their follow request from on Instagram. This is emotionally exhausting not to mention alot of personal information that has been exchanged with these people that makes me nervous to not know who Ive really been talking to all this time.

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telephone number analysis +1 601-401-1350

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  • +1 601-401-1350
CountryUnited States

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