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Phishing : Dick’s Sporting Goods


PseudonymDick’s Sporting Goods
Url / Website
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Scam contents“I Received an email last week from YETI to fill out a Survey to enter a giveaway where i had a chance to win the newly released cooler, naturally I was skeptical at first, but i just decided to go through with it. I ended up winning it soon after entering the giveaway and took it out with me on my morning fishing trip along the beach. Everything stayed cool and was extremely comfortable the entire day. Thank you YETI!!”
Comment / ReviewYou receive an email that looks like it’s from Dick’s Sporting Goods, and it tells you that you’ve been selected to participate in a survey for a chance to win an exclusive Yeti cooler. The entire email is just an image with a link embedded in it. Click on the image/link, and you’ll be immediately directed to this website: <— this is where you’ll do the survey. When you finish the survey, you’ll be automatically qualified to receive the reward. If you click on “Claim Now”, you’ll be redirected to this website: <— this is where you’ll be asked to provide your personal info to confirm the delivery - your name, home address, email address, and phone number. When you finish this step, then click “Continue”, you’ll be redirected to a different page on the same website: <— this is where you’ll be asked to provide your credit card details.

Please do *NOT* actually do any of this. I only went along with this (I did not provide my real information) so that I would be able to properly explain how these emails turn into phishing scams. If you receive an email like this, ignore it or trash it - scammers like to send these emails to try to trick you into thinking you’ll win a free/discounted exclusive reward, hoping that you’ll be willing to follow all the steps and eventually provide your personal and credit card details to them. If you give them these details, they’ll take your money (if they call the reward “free”, you’ll still have to pay for “shipping”) and use your information to make unauthorized purchases in your name - you will also never receive the reward you were promised.

  • The email.
  • The survey website.
  • Personal info.
  • Credit card info.
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