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PseudonymMeimei Guo
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Telephone+852 9370 3924 (ou 0085293703924)
Scam contentsThey want you to invest it STAN currency and when the currency grows you 'make' a profit. But when you want to withdrawal your money, they ask for some deposits and sh*t like that without end.
Comment / ReviewHello,
It all started a month ago when a 'girl' named Meimei contacted me. We started to chat startet to chat about various things and stuff and just a week later she asked me if I'm interested in crypto. Of course I was suspicious about it, but the fact that we 'knew' each other a bit and 'build up' a kinda good relationship made me believe her... Guys, I think such people deserve an Oscar or some sh*t like that for their acting. Because it just felt so fcking real.. Be careful guys.

  • Beautiful girl, huh? And I have a ton of it collected during our "lovely" conversation.
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