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    • Maureen 11/07/2022 at 08:42 PM

      Hello, it took months but finally got the pencils supposed to be 50% off.....not 50% off for me how do I get my 50% back tried paypal no do I retrieve my money???MD

    • Allison 11/21/2022 at 08:35 AM

      I received my order. And their leggings are truly too small. I took the time to look a the measurments before buying them. Now I'm trying to contact the custumer service and they tell me I can't return the leggings to get my money back. I try to tell them usually when you buy clothes on the internet you can return them if they don't fit but they wont do a thing.

    • Coach 11/23/2022 at 03:46 PM

      I ordered a heated vest that was supposed to be size XXL it came as XS, they will not return any emails or answer a phone. I reordered size @2XL to be sure it was here by Christmas then they slapped a $14.40 Tax that was not on the check out

    • abestada 11/25/2022 at 07:05 AM

      Scam! Their got me too

    • Suzette 11/26/2022 at 11:58 AM

      I ordered 2 bras from them in the size according to their chart. First they charged me triple on tax, but did refund that right away. Because the bras didn't fit I asked for a refund. I have been going back & forth with them, but was told their "rules" don't allow returns. I asked for a copy of the rules, but they haven't sent them yet. They offered me a $4.00 credit on a $40.00 purchase. There last offer was $7.00.

      This company is a joke & they don't realize that I won't give up!

    • P.O. 11/27/2022 at 05:54 PM

      I got scammed as well. They said my product could not be delivered due to invalid house number. The house number was correct. I asked for a refund and they said it wasn’t returned to the original warehouse so they could not. (Like it was my fault they shipped it wrong then returned it wrong when it never reached me). Then they just stopped replying to emails. Total scam. Do not order from this company!

    • AB 11/30/2022 at 05:52 PM

      Bought a heated jacket that should be 2XL. But it is really sized like a medium. They refused to refund. I'm going to try a dispute with Paypal due to the product description being inaccurate.

    • Teresa Merica 12/06/2022 at 12:05 PM

      I ordered a Baby Banket was was $19.95 but ended up paying $33
      After I paid I received notice that I had just paid for pink Barby hair braids. I contacted their customer service and they asked a $2 charge to fix the order( I notified them in less than 24 hours of the error). When I finally got my package it was 1 blue cheap hair braided worth about $1. Again I contacted them and they agreed to refund. They sent me $3.
      I am trying to dispute through PayPal.


    • Linda 12/09/2022 at 03:31 PM

      Ordered 2 Furry purple dog jackets. WUGKQ13229-17974 on November 19, 2022. Arrived today 12/9/22. Size too small. Want a refund. $77.37 purchased thru paypal account.Linda

    • Jeanne 12/09/2022 at 03:52 PM

      I ordered 2 natural wood Kaleidoscopes on Oct. 4th. The company kept sending me tracking info as if the product was in transit. However, by the time it made it to my home town months later, it was returned for wrong address. They then tried to get me to pay more money to have the package resent. I followed up with the post office and found out that the company had used a wrong address and the parcel only weighed 1 ounce which was not conceivable. Do not order anything from Inckwp, Co. Ltd. I tried to dispute the transaction through PayPal and the were not helpful. Just going to chock it up to my mistake for trusting, Won't be fooled again. will shop locally!!!!!

    • Sigi 12/10/2022 at 10:13 AM

      I ordered 5 multifunctional Vacuum cleaners in the amount of $ 187.66 PayPal. Was told no refund. Guess I have to eat this lost money.

      i was told no Refund. I

    • Nahid12 12/11/2022 at 11:55 AM

      What is their contact information?

    • Judy 12/22/2022 at 08:18 AM

      What is their contact information?

    • Gene 12/28/2022 at 09:26 AM

      Purchase a handheld vacuum cleaner that was supposed to shipped in the USA.

      Now being told it’s in customs in Spain. Last I looked Spain wasn’t in the US.

      Have been trying to resolve the issue without any luck. PayPal is worthless and I’m done with them. Have disputed the transaction with my credit card company so hopefully I will get some positive results from them.

      This company is clearly a scammer.

    • Karen 12/28/2022 at 02:33 PM

      I got scammed also. I ordered a bracelet for 13.98 plus 4.47tax( 32%) and 3.89 shipping. It took almost a month. According to the tracking it was coming from Spain when actually it came from china. When the post office delivered it there was over $5 due for shipping (which was already paid). The post office said it had a fake postal bar code which could not be read. Fortunately it was not a large amount. BEWARE

    • Karen 12/29/2022 at 01:53 PM

      I got scammed also. I ordered a bracelet for 13.98 plus 4.47tax( 32%) and 3.89 shipping. It took almost a month. According to the tracking it was coming from Spain when actually it came from china. When the post office delivered it there was over $5 due for shipping (which was already paid). The post office said it had a fake postal bar code which could not be read. Fortunately it was not a large amount. BEWARE

    • Cassandra Doesn't Like Scams 12/29/2022 at 03:34 PM

      This company is a scam! Do not order from them.

      Same issues as others:

      Size was way smaller than their size chart

      Product was nothing like photo

      Product took almost 2 months to get 1 dress

      Product still hasn't arrived (from 1st order on same day as other order)

      They refunded me $3 for an item that cost $52 and told me to keep dress and try to give it to someone else (yep, in an email)

      Product comes from out of country

      SCAM ALERT! Don't even waste your time and money with this "company ".

    • Mary 01/09/2023 at 02:11 AM

      I ordered earring lifters from this company, Inckwp, and got totally ripped off. They added tax and shipping that was not made clear when ordering and due to the exchange rate I ended up paying nearly $50 for 2 pairs plus 2 free pairs. They don’t work, have tried one pair and one has no hole to fit an earring through. Not even worth $2 a pair. They are rubbish.

    • Klk 01/14/2023 at 03:48 PM

      I ordered 2 bullet boxes took over a month to get and they are so bad they wouldn't hold a gift of any weight. Tried to out together, even though they said nothing about having to do that.

      They don't fit in slots. Asked if they could give me 3.00....what a joke! Do not order from them!!

    • Shannon 01/19/2023 at 10:26 PM

      I oreded a nativity scene from this company on Nov 19, 2022 and received it on Jan 13, 2023. The return address was in NJ. The nativity scene was shown to be at least 3 ft tall to be able to put outside in the yard. The item I received was 8 inches tall. I paid over $50 for the item and they offered $9 USD. They said if I ship it back it would have to be shipped back to China. I told them I would pay for it to he returned back to NJ. I hate companies can get away with this.

    • Julie 01/27/2023 at 11:15 PM

      This company is a disgusting scam !!! Do not order ANYTHING from them they have total rubbish products that are not what they describe!!! And there is no getting your money back as they state in their marketing!!

    • Anthony 01/28/2023 at 07:44 AM

      I ordered a vacuum they are charging over $8 I believe this is a rip-off.

      Contacted PayPal don't think they are much help.

    • Chilli 02/06/2023 at 05:28 PM

      Yes, these people show you one charge then slap additional charges on that you didn't authorize.

    • Marie 02/07/2023 at 04:53 PM

      I ordered a wooden nativity that was advertised to be life size but after 3 months, after Christmas, I received it and it was only about 1 foot tall. I contacted PayPal who put me in contact with the company who wants me to mail back to China, which is more than the item cost. Beware ofinckwp, Co.,Ltd, which was advertised on Facebook.

    • AB 02/28/2023 at 04:10 AM

      Definitely avoid if you can. Though whatever the company name it looks like you are buying from is most likely different. They sell items as XXL that are actually a small at best and then won't refund. I tried to dispute with paypal and then was told I could return which I did. But you have to ship back to China and now my case was denied because it shows it got to China but never delivered. The address in China they gave to return to probably doesn't even exist.

    • Alna 03/03/2023 at 08:47 PM

      Me, too -- ordered a set of solar garden lights for $19.95. Got 3-4 msgs saying it was en route. Never arrived. Going back through my Paypal accounts, I see I was charged $42. Have written, no reply.

    • sdzeylion 03/04/2023 at 01:30 AM

      Just received a jacket I ordered in December 2022 today- Mar 3, 2023. Started a dispute with PayPal because I believed I ordered something from the States which was where original shipment came from. Contacted them many times asking where my item was and all I got was be patient. Item came to a stand still 8 hours from where I lived. Says it's still there. Asked for a refund and they sent me another item. The jacket I ordered is 2 sizes too small, definitely isn't oversized like the ad said and the zipper was VERY cheaply made and the teeth were broken on it. They offered me $10. I told them that is unacceptable I want the full refund and the shipping costs to return to them. Not impressed. We'll see what PayPal says. Sent pictures of the... Read more

    • Popola 03/08/2023 at 02:50 PM

      Bought an iPhone case for $31, should’ve been shiny strong and smart. Was cheap tat - nothing like the advert. Took 1.5 months to arrive. The courier had destroyed it, and spilt some chemical on it as well! Total fail… tried to get refund! Ha! Offers me $4 compensation…TOTAL SCAM! DO NOT BUY FROM Inckwp,co.,ltd


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