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Scam contentsI know this through scamadviser, I am from Taiwan and my English is not very good, I translated Chinese to English through GOOGLE. I met "Agnes" through a dating app, and then used the messaging app "LINE" to communicate with each other. I was recommended to "", she told me to use Binance to transfer ETH to usmininggroup, the total time is 2022/06 /22~2022-08/23, I transferred 13~14ETH to the "0x8177E69f219b54aC3697f4B45f813aE2B19B2245" account generated by usmininggroup, and I saw that it was immediately transferred to "0x7424c1Acea774458996Bb7A2E2829fba65F6f987" through "Etherscan". 2022/08/23 When I want to withdraw, I know that I have been scammed when I find that I can't get it. I also reported the case to the police in Taiwan but they said it was an international scam and it was not easy to get it back, I don't know what to do now.
Comment / ReviewI hope I can get help to get back the lost money. I am trapped in an uncomfortable mood. I wake up every day and dare not tell the people around me.
Don't know if you guys can help me and don't let other people get scammed and victimized. thanks.

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