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Scam using Paypal : Paul, Bob


PseudonymPaul, Bob
Url /
Scam contentsWebsites that ask for credit card information to get vin information and car history.
Comment / ReviewWould text the cell number associated with a vehicle put up for sale, and act as an interested buyer. Then would ask the seller to perform a vin history report from a website he provided. Each report would cost a certain amount and would need to be done through paypal.

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    • crod 06/18/2022 at 11:04 AM

      Came across a very similar situation, "buyer was persistent that I use their recommended site for car history. Once I saw a paypal payment method I knew something was up. Afterwards buyer tried to convince me to use it again even after I offered to reimburse them if they ran it themselves. I'd recommend avoiding this type of agreement.

    • Colts 06/19/2022 at 09:58 PM

      Similar situation. Instead of carfax he asked for lienchecker. Weird. Either way, I did purchase a vehicle report. And, shared. What a mistake. I should've googled before. I think the company makes money somehow using such people.

    • R 06/25/2022 at 09:42 PM

      Only a scammer would ask you to use We had a fake person trying to talk us into doing this to get “VLH PAPERS” whatever that means. Sorry scammers! Don’t give this website your personal info!

    • Helen 07/02/2022 at 02:27 PM

      I had an old car for sale and a man asked me to provide LVR, which he pointed I can get it from the site Since I had not sold used cars for a long time and thought this might a new general practice to go through. He insisted I need to do it as the owner of the car. Then I spent $25 and processed the report. After I sent him the report, he said I need to get a window sticker from this website too. I checked it and it costs another $25. I rejected his request and he disappeared. I highly doubt that he is hired by that website to sell their products. Don't do anything if someone asks you to get any report from this site.


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