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United Kingdom
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    • Natasha Smith 07/28/2022 at 03:04 AM

      The best scammers I've ever come across. The amount of lies they will tell you to sway you to join with them is unbelievable. They will sweet talk you into giving them as much money then let you rot. You cannot withdraw your money once they have it. Do not believe a word they say! Bill and Victoria are liars and con artists. STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY AS POSSIBLE.

    • Sonia 08/15/2022 at 09:03 PM

      Victoria & Bill- biggest scam artists. We were promised everything and initially calls were daily and very informative and all appeared legitimate. A few months in after requesting a withdrawal, I was told "Bill was not happy" and it was never processed. Calls ceased and the fake "web trader" account was sabotaged until all the funds disappeared so Victoria could justify why I wasn't able to withdraw money. You have no access to funds once they've transferred and no access to trades either- Victoria is in full control. We were given many excuses why the money couldn't be processed and why she ghosted us. All lies, even the positive reviews are all fake- don't believe me? Request a withdrawal or better yet, STEER CLEAR OF THIS FAKE SCAMMING COMPANY! Photos attached to show how cunning they are at showing you what trades they've pulled to maximise your account- then how they intentionally sabotage it to justify their theft

    • Scammed V 08/25/2022 at 04:43 AM is a SCAM.

      It was “too good to be true” until I requested to withdraw my money. All communication came to a sudden halt and the customer support contact number is not real. Shame on them for scamming a hard working family who put their trust in them.

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