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Telephone+62 821-5746-4364 (ou 006282157464364) (more info)
Scam contentsbitcoin investment with the daily profit payment.
Comment / ReviewThe site of is scammer, cheater. I join this site about 2 weeks ago, the first two times profit payment was fine, but after that always pending profit, I ask them to play fair by paying me the profit but they always make up any reason by saying always log in to the site with different IP so they don't want to pay the profit to me. I believe they already plan to cheat the clients from the beginning.
The proof is here:
btw, I can forward you the email from them.

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  • +62 821-5746-4364

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    • Nico0673 08/31/2022 at 01:33 PM

      Exactly the same for me
      They paid a little amount at the beginning, and when I order a bigger contract, they only paid the first withdraw.
      Afterwards, they claims like you that there is a conflict with IP address, and they said that I have to do the same deposit to unlock my account.

      I discussed a long time, and afterwards they come with another reason of I have to pay 40% of my deposit as taxes for UK governement ???

      I had at this time the amount they request in my balance and I just said : "OK, there is enough money in my balance, just take it as tax payment you requested", since then, after 3 days, no reply anymore... I don't expect any replies now ...

      They have lot of ideas here ... Purely SCAM.


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