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Scam contents30sec, 60sec, 90sec …180seconds investments on crypto Bitcoin then it returns gains or losses

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The name of the company the is holding my money is This company is a crypto trading company in which I did three deposits, $99800, $100088.72 and the third deposit was for $91475. The total deposited money to GMOGLOBAL.COM was $291,363.72 USD. The name of the person that guided me to make this investment goes by Jenny. Jenny said that her real name is Zhao Tingting, and that her driver license number is Y4174963. She send me a picture of her driver license ( I believe it is fake). Jenny first introduced herself on whatsapp with the telephone number +(210) 701-1768. Then she said that the number was for her clothing business so she game her personal number also in Whatsapp +852 6216 1908. Jenny gave me her personal email address “” So this is how it went, on 02/04/2022, I did a wire transfer for $100000 to Coinbase and then transferred to First total transfer from Coinbase to GMOGLOBAL was $99,802.87 or 99802.865722 USDC. I downloaded the GMOGlobal application then Jenny gave me this invitation code 88857406 to register with I did some money investment with Jenny and GMOGLOBAL and the money grew substantially. Then I did another wire transfer on 2/09/2022 from Wellsdargo to Coinbase for another $100000.00. Then I transferred 100088.72 to GMOGlobal from Coinbase, and again the same thing happened my investment kept on growing. Then block me until I did ID verification. In the mean time I open another account on crypto and wire another $93500 from Wells Fargo bank on 3/18/2022 to From I transferred $91475 to All in all the investment grew to $568913 from about $291363.72 Prior to this, the person (Jenny or Zhao Tingting) that was “teaching” me how to invest. Helped me to do a withdrawal for $500.00 from GMOGLOBAL to Coinbase and then back to my Wells Fargo account. So that’s why I thought that all these trading business was legit. Anyway, I planned a vacation to Mexico and I wanted to withdraw the money before coming to Mexico but when I did that my withdrawal was under revision and eventually put in hold. Then GMOGlobal ask me for id verification and my bank account, which I provided, but they also wanted me to deposit 10% of my total assets or $56891.3 in order to release my funds to They gave me 7 business days to come up with the payment then I asked for 30 days, eventually GMOGLOBAL gave me 15 days. Well, the 15 days went by and then they modified my situation to penalized me with no withdrawals until I paid the “bail amount” of $56891.37 which is 10% of my total funds. I am not planning on sending any more money but I am making them believe that I will. I hope that in the meantime I get help from CFPB or the FBI IC3 unit. I am still in contact with GMOGlobal and the teacher of investment on trading crypto, Jenny or Zhao Tingting ( originally from Hong Kong in China) is in whatsapp as ~Jenny, her numbers are: +852 6216 1908 And +(210) 701-1768 they are also in WhatsApp under GMOGlobal support +(323) 831-6609. Luke is the manager at but he is also in whatsapp doing “customer support” Luke’s whatsapp number is: +(424) 436-6680 I believe that Jenny, Luke and the other customer support agent are in constant communication or all of them are the same person, most likely Jenny. Jenny is on “LINE” as Jenny Her encrypted profile is: _dVyEM50G1bk2mkol5FJznJfIHYEBnYqeSVAK3BE I have pictures of her and her alleged daughters and video of a party when Jenny, daughters and friends are celebrating a birthday party on the top of a big building, I am not including the video and I hope you are able to open the attachments of the pictures. 📎 IMG_0449.png 📎 IMG_0422.png This is what I believe is Jenny’s fake driver’s license Number: Y4174963 My request from GMOGlobal is to return my investment money, $291363.72. I have wire transfer and deposits proof that transferred investment money yo for a total of about $291363.72 USD. I submitted complaints to FBI IC3 unit, Report number 146823784, and to the California attorney general
Comment / ReviewWhen try to withdraw your money, GMOGlobal request more money to be deposited to your account but they don’t let you withdraw any money

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  • Zhao Tingting fake driver license
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