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PseudonymXinmei lu
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Telephone+1 213-804-5524 (ou 0012138045524) (Info / Risk score)
Scam contentsScam / fraude inducido/ estafa de amor/ estafa de engorde de cerdos. Estafa en aplicación falsa de forex
Comment / ReviewAttention, gentlemen, do not let yourself be fooled by this CMOTD platform, which uses external personnel to get you to it, they use the love scam method or the pig fattening method, they show you false profits, they ask you to add money and then they give you excuses to withdraw your money as payment of taxes because they are high sums, never put real money in it because you will not be able to recover it. I have been a victim of this modern scam and I have lost money in it, even after you pay they do not unlock the funds, do not be fooled, they use several domains. Be very careful with these pages:https://cmeoe.comhttps://cmeopro.comhttps://cmeoq.comhttps://cmeoin.comhttps://cmeoe.comThey all belong to the same deception platform, it is a fake broker, they use false data, their page is an exact copy of the papperstone broker to make them believe that it is genuine, but it is not "don't fall for this scam" they use fake accounts on networks social networks to make them believe that they have a lot of money, do not fall for this scam.

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