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Scam contentsThis scammer invites you to do telegram tasks for money and initially pays you a $3.00 reward for following all these instagram accounts. Then he gives you a task where you buy items from an online shop by depositing your money and promising a full refund + a commission. Eventually you will send the first amount and he will tell you that youve made a mistake and have to send more to fix it! Once you send it to be fixed he will say that you hage to fix the score on your account to make it 100%. This person is rutheless and doesnt care that he is stealing money from poor people who are looking for work online! This all happened on Telegram and the use of mbway Portugal! Guys be aware!
Comment / ReviewHe will ask you to send crypto funds so he cant be traced. My bank warned me when i tried sending to a suspicious account! Beware people!! Do the reasearch and dont fall victim like I did.!!!

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      • Report #241931 06/08/2020 at 02:35 PM

        My name is Steven Mayberry and I work with Pro Curve Net here in United Kingdom as purchassing Manager.
        Pro Curve Net buy and sells used and new telecom equipment such as sever equipment ,Cisco, Juniper, Intel and Nortel .

        We not only sell equipment to our customers, we also provide advice and support choosing, assembling and setting up equipment to your needs .

        We are currently recruiting new workers to represent us as Sales Manager, Business Manager , Virtual Assistant, Account Manage...
        I was hired immediately by him and said that I will handle the purchase as soon as their accounting approve the purchasing fund. They wanted me also to login to and create this >> as soon as possible. After created they wanted to add this into my paypal account and confirmed it. They said "This email will be use to send you your salary and also fund to purchase equipment if needed, it belongs to you". And then there's a transactions that he used to set me up in purchase order. I have many screenshots here in our communication and all his instructions. I was no idea why I took this job and follow his instructions. I thought I was just working just like my habit working from home remotely but this, this was I scammed through my Paypal account. I can no longer use my Paypal because of this. I do not know where will I asked for help. I only realize now to report this kind of incident because I am actually receiving another job... Read more

        They sent the money into my Paypal account but was on hold
        The buyer has this issue to the company
        I issued refund but said was insufficient balance

      • Report #667967 07/21/2023 at 03:30 AM

        It cost me $$. I do not know where it comes from. Block it on your phones.

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