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Scam contentsThis is a fake job offer.

You will be instructed to deposit a FAKE check to buy "work equipment from their "trusted vendors". This in reality is just the scammer, themselves.

When you deposit a check, funds are usually only available in the account because of bank laws so it doesn't mean the check is 100% "good". It may take days or weeks for the bank to catch the fake check. Scammers take advantage of this time and have their victims move money elsewhere before it gets caught.

Remember that this also isn't just a regular bounced check. It's fake and the victim risks getting their bank to closed due to money fraud. It'll depend on the bank but there have been victims who have got their bank account closed.
Comment / ReviewThere can be other ways to be duped by this fake site and fake employer.

Fake payroll - they'd get you to print and send out fake checks to unsuspecting people. (Checks can't be send outside of the US so scammers get people in us to be money mules and do their dirty work)

At the time of reporting this post, the site was only made a week ago on March 30th, 2024.

Registrar: NameSilo, LLC
Registered On: 2024-03-30

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