Investment scam +16478473707 Hayden Miller, Charles Landry, Tony Clark, Jennifer

PseudonymHayden Miller, Charles Landry, Tony Clark, Jennifer
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Telephone+1 647-847-3707 (ou 0016478473707) (Info / Risk score)
Scam contentsTrading platform (website) with additional “opportunities” offered with zero chance of ever withdrawing your funds!
Comment / is a 100% scamming operation! I’ve lost 25k CAD to them in just over a month and it wasn’t from bad trades. My trades were actually showing a profit of just under 5k USD within a week. They will quickly ask for more money, offer wonderful “opportunities” with even bigger profits etc. and guide you through opening a Newton account where all of your deposits will be converted to cryptocurrency before being sent to “your trading account”. You can not withdraw without permission which you won’t get and will be asked to send a 10% refundable security deposit against what you are asking to withdraw. Then a security certificate will be needed. Then a larger deposit. It doesn’t end and you won’t get anything back! Please don’t make the same mistake I did! Stay away!!!

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