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Scam contentsIt's a fake shipping/courier site getting victims to be parcel mules. (using the title such as "parcel inspector") Which is illegal and can get victims in trouble with law enforcement/jail time.
Comment / ReviewNumber: (888) 387-7107
The phone number seems to be a VOIP or internet number. When someone calls, someone from India will prob pick up pretending to be from the US.

Address: 1108 Industrial Blvd # 3, Winfield, KS 67156.

The address is linked to other fake shipping sites. Possibly due to the scammer circles re-using the same web template and running the same scam. It doesn't even make sense - it just points to an unidentified building and nothing is verified on google maps.

Here is a post warning from BBB Scam tracker:
Here they said they were "FL SHIP, First Lane Logistics US" with fllemail dot us - offline now due to prob being reported as a scam site

The website itself, was only created on March 11th 2024. At the time of posting this report, that's only two weeks ago! On their site, they claim to have "5+ years experience". A load of bull.

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