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PseudonymCaitlin Robert
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Telephone+1 240-512-4844 (ou 0012405124844) (Info / Risk score)
Scam contentsCryptocurrency scam, page shows crypto stocks, have to put money in through cash app to “invest”
Comment / ReviewWas contacted by a Caitlin Robert from Los Angeles obviously just presumably but talked to me for weeks just like a normal person, we even FaceTimed a few different times. Looks just like the pictures she sent me just a little older looking. Fell into a trap of her showing me how to use crypto. I feel I’m pretty lucky I only lost about 3500 hundred dollars. I see lots of people lose more unfortunately. Just hurts because that was literally all I had an even money I saved for my 5 year old daughter. Sorry to ramble but feels good to talk about it. Just don’t want anyone to lose money like I did. On the website it showed these huge profits but in order to withdraw you have to pay taxes on it first which was email I got when I wanted to withdraw and it was for just a little over 13,000 dollars that’s unfortunately when I opened my eyes to realize it was a scam. She uses a lot of WhatsApp and Telegram to communicate, the phone number listed on those sites is different from the one she accidentally called me from one time, that’s the phone number I used above.

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    • Report #773541 06/21/2024 at 11:54 AM

      Scam crypto platform Commaex
      Do not invest. They will lock your funds❗️

      Pseudonym : Commaex

    • chii-tan 06/21/2024 at 11:41 PM

      Comment above me is a recovery scammer hoping to scam people who have lost funds/money or accounts. Do NOT click or contact them. They'll claim they can "hack" but you need to pay... you pay then get nothing! (if it's gone, the webmaster has deleted it! yay!)

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