Austin T. Anderson

PseudonymAustin T. Anderson
Scam contentsDear subscriber,
Since you have purchased our Norton LifeLock service. So $360.00 will be debited from your account which will be reflected in the next 24 hours.
Order Description
Order Id : YKJ256GXJ659M
Product Key : SDFG135FUJL
Item : Norton Security
Account Type : Home Subscription
Quantity : 3 Devices
Duration : 1 Year
Date : 27.02.2024
Amount : $360.00
Payment Mode : Auto-Debit
Please Note
If you have any questions or you want to cancel your contract please call us on +1 (877) 845-8492
Austin T. Anderson
Help line @ +1 (877) 845-8492
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This email looks phony so I'm ignoring it

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