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PseudonymOliver Harrison
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Comment / seems like a reputable online shop however appearances can be misleading
The website claims to be selling clothes at low prices however deceives customers with low quality and non-delivered orders.
The website purports to be based in Melbourne Australia However selling its items with The US Dollar. This is a red flag.
The pictures posted have been actually resourced from other websites and do not belong to this scam website.
The prices listed seem too low and cannot be offered by a genuine company.
The website was recently created and has a very short lifespan
Please be careful, this is obviously a scam website

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      • H 12/21/2023 at 01:05 AM

        Yes i was scammed. They did send me the CNA-TROP shoes i ordered but they were the wrong size. I originally paid $55.18 Australian dollars by credit card when I placed the order but they scammed me a further $78.34 7 days later via credit card. Tried to contact them but email bounced. I have advised my bank. The merchant who charged my credit card was ADDPOOLS.COM beware!

      • E 12/22/2023 at 01:01 AM

        Scammed last week by this site, similar to first comment above. Advertise as a Melbourne fashion store but trick you into a US dollar payment.

        Then automatically sign you up to a 'premium membership' without advising you. If you don't sign into their site within 7 days and cancel this stealthy and unauthorised subscription, they hit you with the first monthly US$49.99 fee. I cancelled on day 7 and advised them not to charge be but they insisted I had missed the deadline to cancel. Reported to my bank and getting charges cancelled.

      • Ulrika 12/29/2023 at 10:42 PM

        I have also been scammed. Charged first around 30 dollars for a denim dress then it became USD and got much more expensive, around 50 Australian Dolllars, then same as a bove, a few days later they charged me another 79 dollars, also membership to another company Allsunlive. I have reported them to Instagram. I will also report them wherever I can!

      • Lindy 01/02/2024 at 11:25 PM

        I've just found this site with these reviews, and have got onto them quickly thanks to a the review from E above mentioning the subscription that none of us knew about that we 'signed' up for. I've logged in from my phone, which has Norton protection, because it comes up as being a malicious website (no shit, Sherlock) so you have to make sure you have similar protection. I logged in, and cancelled with 1 day to spare, however, it did say 'cancellation pending' which was a concern. I checked my order, and I really want to cancel the order, but there was no way of doing so. Anyway, I logged out, and proceeded to send them a severe email, and noticed when I pushed 'send' that below that there was the option to log in and cancel the subscription, so I hit that, and even though it didn't log me back in, I did get an email indicating that my subscription was cancelled, so maybe even if you do it when you're properly logged in, you have to do it again below the email section. Dodgy as fuck, and stating they were in Melbourne, but are actually the UK and using USD without stating that, they need to be taken down.

      • Abii 01/03/2024 at 08:02 AM

        A hidden subscription scam can be countered by either unsubbing from the service itself or by contacting your bank and disputing the charges or blocking your credit card.

      • Jen 01/04/2024 at 07:24 PM

        DO NOT BUY from Oliver Harrison Boutique -- advertises a price then find it's charged in US dollars. Could have bought exactly the same thing from another supplier (legitimate) for less than half the price it cost me from Oliver Harrison. Advertise that you can return for a refund but the address provided for return does not work. The address on the shipping parcel actually shows an address in Riverwood NSW.

      • Kerry-Anne 01/09/2024 at 05:09 AM

        My shoes did actually arrive and size was correct but colour wasn't! And then the US$ so called monthly authorised amount was suddenly deducted from my credit card which has now been cancelled and Mastercard are investigating the company who deducted the amount. When I "chatted" with them, they assured me it wasn't a scam and that I had authorised the amount but couldn't tell me what I'd actually signed up to pay monthly for!! The reckon they have cancelled my membership (whatever that is). Such a scam!! Hopefully Mastercard can get something done about them!!

      • Janet H 01/23/2024 at 12:12 AM

        My shoes did arrive after 10 days and I like them but they have cost me $129.00 instead of the $34.95 advertised. They were "sent" by in Essex England, (Ejoiners is an electronics company). They said I signed up for a Premium Subscription at $49.99 AD ($77.11 USD) a month. They sent me a password to my account but I didn't open it as I thought it may be a scam as I hadn't heard of Ejoiners. Big mistake as that was where you found you had been signed up for monthly sub. I have had an live chat with Ejoiners today and they say it is my fault and I can't have a refund of sub money. Beware!!

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