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PseudonymGravity Gliders Co
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Scam contentsDiscover unmatched control and agility as you pilot the Gravity Glider through the skies. Its high-speed motor ensures thrilling flights, while the long-lasting rechargeable battery extends your playtime.
Comment / ReviewGravity Gliders Co seems like a reputable online shop selling RC Planes at a reduced rate, However, it's not as legit as it seems.
The website listed the item on permanently sale at low prices. This trick is usually used by scammers to entice customers into buying and cannot be offered by a genuine company.
The website is posting fake and stolen pictures which is a huge red flag.
Customers run the risk of receiving poor quality items, damaged orders or nothing at all from this website.
The website lacks essential company information such as a company number and a business address
The testiminials posted on this website are staged and have been added by the seller themselves
The website was recentlt created and has a very short lifespan.
Please exercise caution when ordering from this website, it's not a trusted one

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