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Scam contentsTold me the address on my package was undeliverable. Asked me to pay $1.97 to deliver.
Comment / ReviewStill waiting for the charge to appear on my card

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    • Report #690880 09/18/2023 at 08:49 AM

      USPostal: The carrier was unable to deliver because your house number was not detailed on the package. Please add details:
      USPS Customer Service
      Scammers are trying to steal people's credit card information and personal details by pretending to be USPS and asking them to fill out a form where they have to provide their information and pay $1.97 for delivery.
      Please be careful. This is a scam, and the USPS would never send such a text.

      Pseudonym : USPS
      Telephone : +447394431148

      Scam text
      USPS Warning

    • Report #690891 09/18/2023 at 09:03 AM

      USPostal: The carrier was unable to deliver because the address on your postal package was icomplete. Please Check for updates:
      This unsolicited text message has been sent to many people, claiming their address is incomplete and asking them to update their information and pay a small amount of money for delivery.
      This message is not sent by the USPS, but by scammers who aim to obtain people's credit card information, billing addresses, and identities.Please be careful and do not fall for their scam.

      Pseudonym : USPS
      Telephone : +447521710019

    • Report #690895 09/18/2023 at 09:13 AM

      Your shipment has arrived at the transit center, but due to an incomplete shipping address, your shipment has been placed on hold.
      Best Regards,
      United States Postal service
      Scammers are sending this text message from different British numbers claiming to be the USPS, leading them to a website and asking them to fill in their information and pay for the shipping.
      Users run the risk of having their credit card information stolen if they follow their instructions.
      Please be careful and do not provide them with your information.

      Pseudonym : USPS
      Telephone : +447547206256

      scam text

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